For this, a security and mobility operation has been deployed in Quito Carnival holidays Which will run until Tuesday, March 1, 2022. About 152,000 passengers are expected to travel these days, according to the municipality Season Inter-provincial They will be on 24 hours a day.

As of Friday 06:00, passengers reported a high flow Carcelen and Quitumbe terminals. Hundreds of users have contacted to move to another province. “I am going to Ibarat to meet my father. He will return to the capital on Sunday. I see the same number of people on the previous holiday, “said Maria Espinoza.

Marlon Bolivar and Leslie Chinchuna They have traveled together That’s fine. They have assured that even if there are less people in the early morning, the flow of users will increase in the early afternoon. For William Alajo It wasn’t hard to find a ticket that would take him to Ottavallo. “I travel for work problems.”

In Ticket office People were anagona. Cashier Yadira Heredia, from Cooperative Hello He said he sold about 100 tickets at the start of the day. “You travel to Stowe with us. Sunday and Pederneles “.

Leo Lopez was present at the company window Trasandina. He said that in just 15 minutes he was able to sell more than 20 tickets.

Cecilia Vivanko, chief of operations for the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT), Reported that troops were deployed in the capital and other strategic points to guarantee the mobility of travelers.

It was also verified at the terminals that the buses meet the requirements such as having qualification title that they comply with. List of passengers and mechanical condition of the vehicle Is the best

A total of 811 agents will cooperate on the holiday. “Only inside the transport terminal, 100 troops will be distributed,” Vivanco said. He mentioned that Operator And his Collaborators They must comply with biological safety measures in vehicles. It recommends that users plan trips in advance and check their schedules with operators. Frequency and destination.

L’s micro-regional terminalMarine, La Ophelia and Rio Coca-Cola They will work from 05:30 to 21:30. La Marin provides services to Amaguana, Capello, El Choclo, Conocoto, La Merced, Pintag, San Rafael, Sangolqui, Tambilo and El Tingo and other cities in the Los Chilos Valley.

From La Ophelia, users can visit Alonguicho, Cayambe, La Perla, Atahualpa, Mindo, Nono, Pacto or San José de Minas. Destinations at the Rio Coca Terminal are to Amagasi del Inca, Cumbaya, Llano Chico, Lumbisi, Tababela, (Airport) Tumbako, Puembo or Pifo.

From the Coca River you can visit the rural parishes of El Quinch, Pifo Yarukui, Cheka, etc. “During the holidays, Pico y placa restrictions do not apply,” Vivanco said.

Caution and safety

Colonel Jose Luis Garces, chief of operations The police National In Quito, he said a special operation was carried out with 4,927 troops, 266 patrol vehicles, 540 motorcycles, a helicopter, an ambulance, and five mobile units for civilian attention.

These workers will be in charge of maintaining order in crowded places like parks, churches, transport terminals, outdoor shopping centers etc. Washington CassamenThe mayor of Pichincha has indicated that controls will be tightened on all types of events that take place on campus and on weekends. “We will verify that biosecurity protocols are being complied with. There will be 34 approved huge events and we are going to control 68 without permission this weekend,” Casamen said.

The Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Males, The metropolitan district’s traffic chief has indicated that staff will be deployed on road axes that connect Pichincha with other provinces. Informative brochures will be distributed and mechanical assistance will be provided with the assistance of the Pichincha government. “We will be with the platform to help. Alóag – Santo Domingo and Calacalí – Los Bancos roads will be enabled “.

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