Police arrived at the scene on Friday night, May 20, to begin the investigation. Photo taken from the Twitter account AlmaMiaEcu

The Samborondon Municipality It was reported that the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police were sent to investigate the existing audiovisual material. Murder Of one person, which happened on the tourist boardwalk of historic Buizo.

The crime occurred on Friday night, May 20, 2022 The victim He is known as Jaime Villagomez Fayad, 32 years old.

According to Witness, He was eating at a restaurant with his girlfriend when a man shot him several times. He then fled where a motorcycle was waiting for him, where he left with another man.

Villegomez died instantly. Inside Social media A video has been released showing the woman asking for help and crying next to the body.

On Mobile Of CrimeAuthorities advance Research And indicates that the deceased had no criminal record.

Victim was a worker and animalist

The victim’s friends assured him that this was a mistake, since he was a person who collaborated with different people. Social reasonsAs Animal rescue.

The Resket Animal Ecuador Foundation has published this on its social networks Compassion Expressed sympathy for the death of the man and his family and his girlfriend, who is also a veterinarian.

Similarly, r Collective Respecting the workers’ and if it happened to you, Villagomez expressed the following: “Companion of struggle, of day, of life; You have shown that support goes beyond words and you have strengthened what you believed and what you gave by action. “

The Sambrondon Town Hall He indicated that “as the mayor’s office, we are reiterating our commitment to continue providing equipment to the appropriate authorities regarding security.”

He also called on “various organizations to join forces and work together for the protection of civilians.” We cannot allow insecurity to rob us of family peace and tranquility. ”


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