Valencia, strong on defense and zero in attack, took a point from Marcelo’s side that woke up too late

Mamardashvili caught a shot from the eye
Mamardashvili caught Yaki Williams’ shot.EFE
  • Straight Such was Athletic-Valencia

Some of the risks at San Mames were put on the pitch Athletic. In his boot was the fight to scratch Europe, revenge for the injury Valencia Bordals that have hurt them so much and are sure that they are able to offer a lot more play. Although it was sometimes difficult for them to translate all this, they came … to break down mamardashvili. Georgian, with cat images on his hands and feet, his teammates secured a losing tie in a goalless league final, chiseling on a professional basis. [Narracin y estadsticas].

The game was intense, but more because of the inertia than the suffix. During the many moments of the first part it seemed that it would get in the way of the calendar, hidden behind the debate about the future of both technologists, gray on the shores of the Mediterranean in Bilbao. Valencia said goodbye to Europe long ago, but they also made an effort to get Athletic to do so, a trap that the Basques fell into until they regained faith in the second half.

Boardals I weaved a tangle so that the Basques could be trapped by the men and the Basques on the benches. Guides. I left the details, with Diakhabi Pivot, and Guedes’s funny and Brian Gill. Carlos Solar made the first test with a free kick in the hands of Unai Simon. Nonetheless, the athletic area roamed and, although they did not find lateral centers from Nico Williams, they were Yaki Y. Ral Garka Those on each boat could benefit from the suspicion of Valencian targets. Cathedral begins with William’s oldest frustration.

Before Valencia were forced to relocate due to an ankle injury, the conflict seemed to have leaned towards Rosiblanco. Gabriel Paulista. That feeling has grown around the locker room. Without hiring Simon, the Valencians grabbed their goalkeeper. Pass a measurement Muniain Breaking the defensive line put Williams in a one-on-one with the Georgian goalkeeper that he could not win. And he will not be the only one.

Bordeaux wanted to expand his team to Guedes and the surrounding area Resic, Who headed a free kick to Solar next to Unai Simon Post. With the game not over, the possibility of a dizziness ending in the last quarter of an hour began to flow.

Vega Trying to end a lateral free kick, Guedes took his first shot straight to the top stand and in the added one, a huge figure of Mamardashvili appeared to hold Valencia in his gloves. Extending his hand down, he took it from the other header Williams And, where it did not reach, there was a crossbar for Assyrian spitting Villalibre.

With condemnation of the game of Valencia installed in the collective imagination, Guillaume Saw a double yellow, but athletic only had time to mourn.

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