At least 10 of the 26 travelers a Tourist boatWhich could sink to the north of Japan, on the eve DeadThis is confirmed April 24, 2022 Coast guardWhen search efforts continue.

The dead are Seven men and three women, According to details collected by the Japanese public network NHK. Their bodies were found this Sunday in the waters of 24 Peninsula ShiratokoIn the eastern part North Hokkaido IslandFrom where the ship had made a distress call the day before.

The ship named Casu1 contacted the Coast Guard at 1:15 pm local time on Saturday (04:15 GMT) and asked for help because The bow of the ship was flooded And it was sinking.

Coastal authorities have deployed several patrol boats and helicopters After a while lost contact With the ship, but no sign of passengers or boats was found as night fell. The Self defense forces (Army) and local fishing boats joined the rescue effort today.

The naval authorities have so far found only these 10 dead people And the search for the rest continues.

There were 26 passengers on board at the time of the incident There were 24 passengersA deck crew member, in addition to the captain and other staff members, including two minors (who could not be found in the bodies, NHK said).

According to the company operating the ship, with Capacity 65 peopleCashew 1 was scheduled to leave Utorohigashi Harbor in the city of Shari at 10:00 a.m. for a voyage around Cape Shiretoco, where it offers sightseeing trips, before returning at 1:00 p.m.

The incident took place while the ship was in the water nearby Kashuni FallsLandscape of a popular peninsula, nominated Natural World Heritage 2005.

The previous day the sea was rough in that area Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued a Warning for wind and strong waves Waves within 3 or 4 meters in that area. Also, the water temperature was very cold and the agency warned that it would be below five degrees in the coming days.

The Ministry of Transport Japan has sent a team of three investigators to clarify what happened.

Cashew 1 had already encountered another incident in June 2021, when it got stuck in shallow water shortly after anchoring. On that occasion, none of the 23 people on board were injured as they were able to leave the boat and return to port.

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