At the Jamaican Zoo, an African lion has bitten his keeper and cut off one of his fingers. Photo: Capture

Last Friday, May 21, the local media reported Done That stunned The audienceSince a African Lion Of Jamaica Zoo In the presence of more than 15 spectators, he bit off one of his guard’s fingers.

What started out as an entertaining walk through the park turned into a reality Nightmare For tourists after seeing the brutal scene of how the worker’s finger is in the lion’s mouth.

What happened?

According to media reportsJamaican Observer ‘The incident took place around 4 pm, when the last visit was being made. The attraction at the last stop of the tour was St. Elizabeth, where the lion was.

A visitor who was present at the time told the Jamaica Observer that the guide was trying to impress the users, so he went to the lion’s cage to try to tickle through the fence.

Although the animal was roaring at the man, the audience thought it was a normal reaction and everything was under his control.

However The lion I know Angry Y. Bit Firmly Fingers Staff, leave her Hand held Fence and in Compulsory Of Cats.

At first, the tourists thought it was a joke, until they heard the guard’s cries of pain and saw him fighting to free his hand, when the animal refused to let go: “Of course, when he fell to the ground, everyone noticed it was serious. Everyone was terrified. Has begun to happen. “

Finally when people are able to get her Tip The fence “all the skin and the first joint of his finger has disappeared”. He couldn’t say a word, he just ran to a car in which he left the place.

The incident was captured on video, which quickly went viral. Many netizens have commented that the staff is extremely irresponsible and the organization should not allow such things to happen.

North of the zoo

Following comments and suspicions from users, Jamaica Zoo has decided to comment on the matter in a statement uploaded to their official Instagram account.

“We want to reassure our public from the Jamaica Zoo’s administrative team that we can proudly recognize our animals with the love, care and professional treatment we need,” the document begins.

Regarding the information, the company said: “It was a tragedy and does not represent the safeguards and policies that govern the Jamaica Zoo.. We’re analyzing the video to see how we can prevent this from happening again. “

Regarding the health of the caretaker, the agency said they are aware of his recovery process and hope he can get better in the coming days.

The statement concluded that they would ensure the well-being of their staff and visitors from now on.

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