We are only a few days away which will definitely be a great one Scientific declarationThis Sunday, May 8, 2022 it was announced by the international media This will be the next 6 May 12 And the heroes are none other than the scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)Which surprised the world in 2019 The first picture of a black hole. The announcement that will be made at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile only this time, we have to do with our own galaxy.

EHT is the result of an international effort to create one Virtual Telescope The size of the Earth has been achieved by combining the capabilities of eight large telescopes spread over the entire surface of the planet. Over the years, project scientists have been studying the heart The Milky WayHoping to be able to get pictures of it Sagittarius K *Huge supermassive black hole that occupies its center and has a mass equal to four million suns.

And judging by the fact that astronomers are holding multiple simultaneous press conferences around the world on May 12, everything indicates that they have been successful. A milestone, of course, that will mark before and after in the history of astronomy.

Which was achieved in 2019

As their name implies, black holes are invisible, making them incredibly difficult to see. What we are seeing, as it happened in 2019, is The horizon of events Black holes (hence the name EHT), ‘boundaries’ that once crossed, do not allow anything, not even light, to re-emerge.

On that occasion, a spectacular image of the giant black hole (horizon of events) 55 million light-years from Earth was found at the center of the M87 galaxy, with an estimated mass of 6,500 million suns. Around the hole, an orange ring of material captured by the space monster, which revolves around frantically before reading, so fast that it begins to glow brightly.

May 12’s historic announcement

But in 2019 it was not possible to get a picture of Sagittarius A *. And it is much easier to observe the center of distant galaxies than our own. Because? Sagittarius A * is surrounded by a Dense clouds of dust and gas Which makes any observation difficult. If the EHT team was able to overcome this difficulty now, in just a few days we would be able to see images of the Milky Way’s central black hole, with its bright accretion disk revolving around it. A historic moment for science.

The possibility that the content of the ad is one and the other is not insignificant. Indeed, in its press release, the European Southern Observatory assured that it would ‘Something innovative’ Which is exactly the same expression they used before showing images of the M87 in 2019. But to know for sure, there is no way but to wait a few days …

Advertising Will be delivered on 12 May at 15:00 CEST or 9:00 EST Selected locations are Eridanas Auditorium, ESO Headquarters, Garching Bay Munchen, Germany. It can also be viewed online on the ESO YouTube channel. You can see it in the event below.

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