Referential image. A gun for rent is usually stamped with its ID number. Photo: Prosecutor’s Office

The National Police On Tuesday, May 17, 2022 admitted that at least Nine of the 150 weapons were stolen Model barrack racks were used Crime Announcing the organization’s officials last year proves an existence Illegal market Where weapons are hired for illegal activities ranging from robbery to hired assassins.

According to intelligence reports, daily expenses Rent a gun Ecuador ranges from USD 150 to USD 1,000. The most basic weapon, such as a handmade revolver, costs USD 150. When renting Automatic pistol It ranges from মার্কিন 300 and the price of a rifle or machine gun reaches D 500.

Weapons registry

Three police servers are investigating the disappearance of 150 Smith & Wesson type pistols. The alleged theft was discovered last weekend.

Not in Ecuador Carry weapons free. Those outside the police and military are a ApprovalWhich is issued after a series of tests and requirements to show that you have the mental balance and knowledge to use it.

This is the first one that I want to avoid Criminal When renting weapons. They do it as a normal business without asking too much for not being involved in their crime.

The second hurdle that criminals want to overcome is this Registration. Every person authorized to keep a gun must register it with the authorities. Knowing which weapon each person has, allows him to clarify any crime committed with it.

He usually has a gun for rent Identification numberWhich greatly complicates the task of identifying whether he was involved in any crime.

Avoid investigations

On May 5, a couple stole The gun is a guard From the Duran cemetery. Security cameras there recorded how the pair of assassins fought the custodian until they snatched his pistol.

The guards tried to chase them but the robbers used the stolen gun to shoot him.

Entitled a Registered gun Gives the offender an advantage in the name of another person since if a crime is discovered, the authorities will look for those in their records as the owner of the weapon.

This makes the business more profitable. Illegal arms smuggling In the country. According to experts, this explains the recent attack on a military barracks in Sukumbias.

Stealing weapons from inside the country The band Has access to supplies without negotiation with cross-border or organized crime in other countries.

Another source of supply for the illicit arms market Drug plane. These planes bring powerful weapons and money from Mexico and Colombia, which they transport to the North American market in exchange for drugs loaded in Ecuador.

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