Argentina beat Italy 3-0 in the final. Photo: EFE

Argentina I wanted him more and Argentina got him. The tide of fans that colored Albiceleste Wembley He left happy with his team, the new champion FinalisimaThanks for a few magic minutes Lautaro MartinezCrown with an aid against a goal and a Italy Sorry (0-3)

Those Lionel Scaloni They deserved the title and a big win against it Italy Still sad about not qualifying The world. The occasion for compensation, to scare the shame of losing another World CupDestroyed by its team Robert ManchiniThose who never took the promise seriously Wembley.

Much more concentrated ArgentinaWho proved that he can win and compete against the team European. He actually went over it. She steals possession and sews it occasionally, especially in the second half, when the gaps open. Leo Messi’s creativityGreat guardian of the fans Albiceleste.

Whenever he touches the ball he applauds and appreciates his spectators, whom he came to say hello to before the match, from the head. Messi He came out The first goal. Rosario’s talent, with his back to the front goal, turns a tile, leaving behind De LorenzoGot in the area and Enabled Lautaro without a goalkeeper.

He just opened the meeting, Lautaro Sewed one from now on Inter de Milan Dressed as a periscope, put a filtered ball Ball Maria The referee was looking at the break. The ball goes through the middle of the two center-backs in the over Donaruma It’s his sting Ball MariaWhich is still without a team.

Its former PSG He looked for the double and touched it through two passive attempts by his former teammate. DonarumaThe crown Champion of Europe In this case, he avoided an Italian insult. He shuts off anything he can Messi Already Ball Maria And his gloves put Italy in competition, not in a match. 0-2 removed away from a title made for them.Albiceleste‘, For paying homage Diego Armando Maradona Before the game and because of the will of the fans gave him a massive move Wembley.

The Azjurs appeared with the crown of defeat on their heads Paolo DiBallaDisplaced by displacement Geo Lo CelsoAnd that he played stoppage time to take advantage of a rebound Messi Adjust it in front and on the side of the stick.

Argentina He wanted more of it and Argentina It was. Won the final And remember his last adventure Artemio FrancoSaw that prehistoric of this tournament Champion Maradona In 1993 Silver sea.

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