The Violation From which it was The victim A Students In 15 years Live Of School Where he joined Rejection Socially generated unions. Women This is usually the kind of accompaniment that breaks the silence of all ages Crime And sought justice.

The voice echoed and reached the house where the conversation part was focused. How to avoid That similar phenomenon is repeated and more touching Families.

Apart from the urgency of enforcing laws that protect vulnerable groups, judicial skills and the severity of punishment, can anything be done behind closed doors to reduce the risk?

Francisca Morjan, Of Ecuadorian Women’s Alliance; Virginia Gomez, director Of Challenge FoundationY. Daniela Pullas, lawyer Of Center for the Protection and Action of Women (Sepam) day Recommendations Family, especially parents.

The three women agree that we all have rights Life without violence And the state must guarantee it and work on it.

It’s important, they say, Do not re-victimize abused women And put pressure on education authorities and the government to make such aggression visible.

People should know Risk In that cum Public space And personal, they say. And they put a detail on the table: We are supposed to be free of violence at school and at home, but at the same time they are the two places where the most aggression occurs. Where can we feel safe?

Before HelplessnessThere is no other way but to search Strategy And planning in the house To reduce risk. This is the key Communication Y. Confidence Come in Parents And Boys.

There are 42 complaints a day in Ecuador Sexual harassment of girls and adolescents Y. Adults. Another worrying fact: 80% aggressive in attack Someone you know Or a Familiar.


It is important to associate with children. To say About them definitely with them BodyWhat is allowed
And whether or not they know how to stay inside Risk. They must learn to say no, and know how to recognize when something is uncomfortable for them. Minors should know that there is Sexual harassment And there are people who can infringe on them, both in public and in private. And no one has the right to touch them.


It is important to know where the children are. Parents need to know them ScheduleThe Journey They do, even if they take school tours or travel by bus. You can activate the cell phone GPS And that cell phone is tracked. Another option is the Life360 ‘app’, which lets you view the location of members of the same group for free in real time. Issue a warning when the phone is off and notify when someone has reached their destination.


It is recommended to have one Direct access With Friends Of Boys. Get to know the people closest to you, find out their phone numbers, find out where they live, and contact their parents if possible. If there is a possibility, you should leave them and remove them at meetings, parties or when they go out to eat or walk. If this is not possible, you can coordinate with the parents of other children so that a trusted adult is always by their side and in charge.

Take action

If the student a School tour, You must know the name of the driver and the name of the transport company for which he works. Checking the criminal record of a person who transfers minors every day is not extra. If possible, send one to school Inspector Is Teacher Along the way, the last children are kept in a safe place. At home, a child must be accepted when a person comes home from school.


Many girls warn when they chat with their friends Risk. They’ve even created ‘stickers’ that alert the driver in case of suspicion or danger … This is a good option, however, it is recommended that security chats with people be open Adults. There must be one Protocol How to know Feedback Before this Alarm. They may agree, for example, to use Keywords

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