The Super petrol quality And Budget Two reasons for concern for its acquisition, the new later Inflation Of this fuel. The seller They announced a position program to demand improvement in marketing conditions.

From this Tuesday, April 12, 2022, a gallon of reference price Super petrol This is 4.66. In just three months this fuel has risen USD 1.26.

The Supermarket prices He has been released since December 2018; That is, it is provided according to market diversity. “If there is a value International range It is fair that quality is compensated “, assures Oswaldo Irazo, Executive Director National Chamber of Petroleum Derivatives Distributors (CAMDEP).

There are also concerns from other quarters. Genaro Baldeon, Executive President Association of Automotive Companies (Aeade)The 92 octane, which contains the Super Petrol, is “far from the fuel needed for the new engines, including the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards,” he said on his Twitter account. He added that the government does not speak for itself on quality development.

According to Petroquador, Fuels marketed in the automotive sector comply with Euro 3 technical standards. The entity has confirmed that it is needed Investment To work Quality increase.

The cost weighs against the quality of super petrol

The quality is increasing as well Super petrol Brings influence in the pockets of consumers. Those who use this fuel need to increase it Budget For this purpose. Others will have to decide to transfer like other petrol Extra or ecocontry, As is already happening in recent months.

Irajo explains that this is worrying. On the one hand, because it would mean an increase in petrol costs Subsidies are given And so, high spending for the government. In addition to the subsidized fuel transactions that are generated Low VAT collection. “Immigration generates less than US 1. 1.30 per gallon for the state,” the expert said

And on the other hand, it is estimated to decrease Bet Of Super petrol In the automotive fuel market; That means less will be bought.

Experts have assured that the service stations will consider approving the closure of marketing Super petrol “If it doesn’t sell, it makes a loss,” Irazo said.

For this reason, it is a call Seedlings Nationwide, 25 April. The objective is to establish measures to improve government infrastructure, transportation, storage and energy marketing. “It simply came to our notice then Marketing marginDr. Irajo.

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