Valencia came on the field as a starter and performed well. Photo: Twitter anManUtd_Es

Antonio Valencia He wears the jersey again Man you In the game against ‘Legend of the North’ Liverpool This Saturday 21st May morning. The Ecuadorian team did well but lost 3-1.

One of the attractions of the meeting was Dr. Ecuador’s presence, Who had 10 seasons with the club. Promoting the conflict with the ‘Red Devils’ Valencia Through videos and images.

Organizes the match Manchester United Foundation To raise money And brings together historic footballers from every club. The players like Valencia as well Gary Neville, Dimitar Bervatov or Patrice Evra They set foot on the grass at Old Trafford again.

Tono’s performance

Valencia Like jumping into the field Title And was located in the right lifeline. In addition to being one of the youngest, he was one of them Good performance Shown on the field.

He runs and sends during the match Center in the area Those who remember them Good time. Persistent aggressive occupation and speed characterize him.

In 12 minutes, the game inspires him Standing slogan. After a while he showed that his defense skills were also maintained, as he had to identify Jermaine Penant.

There was still a party 0-0The Former captain of the tri-team He tried his luck in one shot. The ball went over the crossbar.

The The first goal The Spanish from Liverpool kept it Luis Garcia In the second half, when the tie comes thanks Dimita Bervathav. 2-1 marked it Mark Gonzalez Y. Garcia He extended the register again and sealed the match.

The legacy of Antonio Valencia

Recently, Valencia was ranked by Forfortu Magazine The best South American footballer in the Premier League. At the time, he was the team captain and wore the historic No. 7 for one season.

He won while at Manchester 10 titlesThere was one of them UEFA Europa League. Is divided among the rest English Cup and League.

For his return Manchester He was apparently excited. On her social networks she has expressed her desire and joy to return to her “second home”.

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