Santander League 2021 – 2022

Betis 1 Barcelona 2


The youth team, who scored one minute after fielding, and the Lane player, who was crowned the winner in the 94th minute, secured Barারa’s place in the next Champions League.

Alba scored the winning goal in Villamar
Alba scored the winning goal at Villamarne.J. BRETNAP

There are footballers who feel misunderstood. Even hate. Jordi AlbaDespite his career, he can never be considered a myth in the history of Barcelona. In the last five years of Barcelona’s collapse, they have lost him to his uncomfortable behavior and his hero. She knows it. This is why his gesture was like a madman running his night race in Villamarne. He had just caught a volley that would enable anyone to answer God. At the moment, the 94th minute of the game was a test. And as a result, Barcelona will finally confirm their qualification for the next Champions League. At least that goal, at this point, should taste like glory.

Alba’s glorious goal means that Ansu Fatir’s goal in the first minute of fielding will not be a common occurrence after Bartra’s momentary parity, which Pazella failed to carry out when the locals sniffed the victory.

Barcelona was no more comfortable than Betis’s corridor. The skill and discipline with which the Xavier footballers lined up to pay their respects to the Cup champions was the opposite of the subsequent confusion and confusion. Because the team does a much better job in the press room media homely than the crude performance of its work.

Since Pedri is back on the stretcher, midfield mismanagement has undermined all good group intentions and limited everything to personal success. Bad business is when your player, a priority, more unbalanced, Dembl, is denied his own production. Eventually, the centers get longer, the dribbles become shorter, and he no longer wants to be a death tester. He tried once and he didn’t even know how to shoot a ball into a stick.

Gavi’s movement exercises are out of tune when there is no footballer by his side to accompany him. Not De Jong, whose influence is waning.

However, no one knew how to interpret one of the checks thrown back as Torres Battering Ram. Or Memphis could not confirm the resurgence experience against Mallorca.

It is inevitable that hangovers do not bring frustration. Betis-Cup post-champion and post-Feria de Abril worked for the art and fun rattles of Fakir or Canales, but not their legs.

The game was slow and chaotic. Top-level football players lose the ball as if someone were burning, and only a few episodic actions provide ibuprofen-like effects.

About an hour later, due to Bravo’s injury, Rui Silva had to return to the field, making his debut with a redeeming hand. An unbalanced Araujo, even after a corner kick, was able to rise against Guardado. His header was awesome, but the goalkeeper’s finger deflected the leather towards the crossbar.

Bettis, who was moving comfortably through the throat of the field despite his uncle’s transit, responded shortly after. Canals, in the midst of a conflict with Araujo in the area, knew Guido to look ahead. The player’s shot also ended in the post, so that Ter Stegen’s alternative netto could settle the matter later.

However, there was no way to save the match. Better because Betis, tired of their extraordinary seasons, did not see the strength to go further; Good because Bara emphasizes his weakness.

At least Neto grew up, appearing to save his team without playing for four months and postponing the next sale. He did so before a point-blank shot from Juanmi, who lacked a little more success to take advantage of an open hole in the back of Alves on a civilian night.

Through out-of-focus Memphis, Aubameyang appeared, looking for impossible angles in a good alternative. Ferran Torres, in another clash with Rui Silver, repeated his ordeal at auction. The forgotten Adam did not solve anything. But Ansu did, a star footballer for whom even a bite shot from three defenses helped him score the first goal. Same right after Bertra, but the last blow of the old glory was still missing. Dani Alves centered, Alba crown.

The past still marks the future.

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