Olympic champion Richard Karapaz MontanaGro received another tribute, when a statue was unveiled where he is standing on it Bicycle And raised his arm many times as a sign of victory.

The work took place on February 25, 2022 at his parents’ home in the village of Playa Alta in Karachi province.

The initiative was since Tulcan Municipality And athletes, relatives, local authorities, friends and several of his followers attended the event. Its champion Italy tour 2019 She was excited, especially because of the pride her parents felt getting another recognition.

The ‘Karachi Locomotive’ took the opportunity to send a message of hope, about following the dream.

“It’s very special, especially for my parents. This is special to me because it immortalizes one of the most important moments of my sporting life. The biggest reward we all get is the demonstration that dreams come true, everything is possible in this life. I would like to invite all of you to keep dreaming, keep chasing dreams. Effort and sacrifice are always their reward ”, Ritchie applauded.

This is not the first life size statue Karapaj There are in his own province.

Carapace status on Cyclist Road in Tulkan. Photo: Karachi Prefecture,

In the new opening Bicycle pathAn initiative Karchi PrefectureAnother monument commemorating the historic victory Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

This is the Tulkan road that connects the Luciano Coral Educational Unit, El Capot and La Estrelita with a length of 5.8 km. In the area where tourists and cyclists are expected, another statue was unveiled last week.

Richie will travel to Europe in the next few days, where he will continue his competition and training. For now, his main goal is Zero D’Italia in May.


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