The Kovid-19 epidemic has left several lessons for public health and research progress. Photo: Fripik

Various experts Agree that Extreme The world is gone Different apprentices In terms of Public health And the idea is that such a sequence of diseases Monkey pox And Acute hepatitis of unknown origin They have turned off the health authorities’ alarm, which has revived uncertainty about the next epidemic..

This Friday, June 3, 2022, we will tell you the reflection of the experts. In this regard, Tom Frieden, former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), In a conversation with an American media outlet CNN Assured that “we run Risk In the phase of neglect moving forward at full speed ‘Panic-neglect cycle

Thus, the cycle of panic-neglect means, according to experts, habit Investment Or pay insufficient attention to the public health work required for prevention and Contains outbreaks Infectious diseases.

Another epidemic will come but you have to invest

Similarly, in the mentioned media outlet, said. Larry Brilliant, Epidemiologist And executive director Pandefence AdvisoryAn interdisciplinary network of experts involved in responding to an epidemic said that That’s it That is inevitableThat humanity must face New epidemic And every time the risk is higher.

For his part, Dr. Anthony Fawcett, Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesAt the Life Itself conference, a health and wellness event presented in collaboration with CNN, it made clear that the COVID-19 epidemic left valuable lessons for both science and research, but stressed that investment in this field must be sustained.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that, according to experts, more than six out of 10 infectious diseases originated in animals and spread to humans, a risk that has been increasing over the past two decades.

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