Its low yield Maize crop The members of the Ecuadorian animal protein chain are concerned. Low supply occurs at a time when demand Pork Y. ChickenAfter the end of restrictions due to the Covid 19 epidemic.

The Animal protein chains It consists of feed producers, pig farms and poultry farms. Together they represent 4 billion US dollars in the national economyBased on their own information.

Ecuador Association of Balanced Foods (AFABA), Association of Producers of Balanced Foods (APRABAL), ASPE, Association of Pig Farmers of Ecuador (ASPE) and National Corporation of Poultry (BOARCE). Ecuador’s Maize has expressed concern over the situation.

“Lack Fertilization Adequate and the presence of asphalt stains will affect Low production”, The unions point out. In response, some members of the chain called on the government to allocate quotas for their imports, as there is a shortage of supplies as well as price issues.

One quintal of corn is worth the support 15.99, But it is marketed up to USD 22. Ecuador produces 90% of the corn needed for the balanced, poultry, turkey, egg and pork production industries.

Impact on producers

In Ecuador, corn is mainly used for making Balanced For poultry and pig sector. This serial represents 42% of the balanced cost.

The Corn production This year has been significantly lower than the previous year. The average crop in Ecuador is 1.4 million tons of maize.

The opposite claim has arisen Chicken and pork “Therefore, the industry’s demand for raw materials has also increased,” they noted.

According to the industry, its cost Balanced for birds Represents 28% of the price of a chicken. According to Conway, an Ecuadorian eats 28 kilograms of chicken per year.

The Egg consumption 197 eggs per year in Ecuador. Although each resident claims an average of 10.9 kg of pork annually.

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