Angie Gijon, national director of public registries, said the need to appoint a data security superintendent in 2022 was needed. Photo: Capture

Angie GijonThe head of the National Directorate of Public Registry (DINARP) considers that the first authority over the superintendent of data protection should be nominated by the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control.Cpccs) This year. He cites two reasons for consent.

Its protection law Personal information Effective May 26, 2021 Data Superintendent These are: a law that establishes a term and allows employers to impose administrative sanctions on agile, misleading information companies.

He explains that both the title and the draft regulations, which Dinarp Prepared and delivered to the executive on January 26 of this year, will be a complement to the current law.

“There is one year left till the completion of its implementation and transformation Data superintendence, Which establishes the Personal Data Act itself. Therefore, regulations, formation of superintendents, appointment of superintendents, everything has to be completed within this year. So that in 2023 they will be fully applicable, “said Jizon.

The first temporary provision Information Protection ActIndicates that the provisions relating to the amending measures and the rule of approval shall come into force within two years from the publication of this Act in the Official Registry.

The second Interim provisions Indicates that all treatments performed before the enactment of the law must comply with the provisions of this regulation within two years.

The presidency of the republic has not yet issued the validity of the regulations and has not sent a shortlist for the appointment of superintendents. The Cpccs Has already formed supervision for the process.

Complaint for violation

Gijon argues that as long as the head remains Data Security SuperintendentCitizenship is not legally unprotected.

The Agency for the Regulation and Control of Telecommunications (Arcotel), an organization that receives notifications for breaches of personal data security, may also file a complaint with a prosecutor.


Dinarp is the organization that approves access Personal database This is done after reviewing the information to the public entity and what that data will be used for, says Director Gijon. Approval is only given to organizations that are part of the National System of Public Records.

Currently, 45 consumer sources are part of this interoperability, i.e., databases of specific organizations and 500 government agencies that have access to them.

Gizon has announced that the interoperability service will soon be rolled out to the private sector, “so that they can securely access data and not have to buy illegal databases.”

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