The Inter-American court From Human rights (IA Court of Human Rights) issued this order on Friday, April 8, 2022 Condition From Peru refrains From Release Former President in prison Alberto FujimoriPeru’s constitutional court has restored an amnesty

“The situation Peru There is Refrain To implement Transfer of punishment For him Constitutional Court Of Peru On March 17, 2022, which restored the effect of the “humanitarian cause” pardon granted to Alberto Fujimori on December 24, 2017, a resolution of the inter-American court indicated.

The Constitutional Court From Peru Admission a Habeas corpus Who have recovered Sorry Humanitarian rewards Fujimori In 2017 by then-President Pedro Pablo Kukzinski.

The inter-American court, based in Costa Rica, explained that the order Not released A Fujimori Is based on Condition Other resolutions of “did not comply with the terms” Supervision From Consent From Sentence Issued on May 30, 2018.

“In severe cases Violation From Human rights Measure or Legal concept (Which protects the health, life and integrity of the detractors) must be one that limits Straight From Access Per Judgment It must be applied to victims (…) and in extreme cases and because of an existing need, ”the inter-American court detailed.

The court added that “this does not mean that Legal concept Or the measure that the state must adopt is necessarily one that holds Freedom From Condemnation And, much less, it means the extinction of the sentence. “

Inter-American courts were also needed Condition From Peru After May 13, 2022, a report will be presented Consent Of Obligation From InvestigationJudgment and punishment for non-execution Constitutional Court Which restores the effect of forgiveness for “humanitarian reasons”.

On April 1, an extraordinary hearing in the case was held in an inter-American court Organization Y. The victim From Violation From Human rights He asked the judges to give a guarantee Straight From Access Per Judgment And prevent Release Former President Fujimori’s prison.

Its representatives The victim The Barrios Altos and La Cantuta genocide cases heard by inter-American courts in 2001 and 2006 told the continental court Grant interim arrangements Avoid the right damage Access Per Judgment For The victim.

The argument of the delegates indicates that Violation of forgiveness The Sentence In both cases and that background Lack From Legal implications.

Fujimori It was Condemnation In 2009 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison Mediation authorship Of the Murder La Cantuta and Barrios Altos, among others They died 25 people, and Abduction Of a Journalist And an entrepreneur in 1992.

The Inter-American court He also condemned and ordered Peru for the 2001 Barrios Altos case and the 2006 La Cantuta case. State punishment From Responsible.

The Representative Of Condition Peruvian Dr. Audience Before Inter-American court They will respect the decision of the high court Hemisphere And the country’s president, Pedro Castillo, is committed to it.

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