Agent of the Transnational Investigation Unit (UIDT)The operation, conducted in coordination with the United States Department of Homeland Security, began this Friday, February 25, 2022 in Guayaquil. “Transnational 1”.

Two men of all ages have been arrested in connection with the operation.

According to Fausto Olivo Serder, Under-Secretary-General of Immigration, as a result of previous investigations, agents raided two homes. Los Sibos and Mach Lot 2. Fernando L. And Miguel C., one of them immigration officers, caught up in them.

As evidence, 50 documents including passports, identity cards, agendas, notebooks, cell phones and a computer device were seized. Children traveling to the United States had passports Irregularly

The police chief noted that the officer provided his services at the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo airport in Guayaquil. Among the illegal immigration trafficking organizations, its job will be to issue Spanish visas to Ecuadorian nationals detained in the province. Ajuaya, Kanar and Tungurhua.

An immigration officer has been arrested on charges of smuggling immigrants. Photo: National Police


The network provided fake passports and charged 15 15,000 from them, presumably to take them to Mexico and later to the United States.

The officer said during interrogation Under Secretary of Immigration He says he entered the Ecuadorian immigration system (SIMIEC) and registered false entries in the country of supposed Spaniards, who are in fact Ecuadorians.

Thus, they traveled to Mexico before entering the United States, since Spanish citizens do not need a visa to enter North American territory.

The detainees are under the direction of the appropriate authorities and the evidence has been entered through the custody chain at the Judicial Police Collection Center, General Olivo said. The investigation continues.

Earlier, three more people were detained at Guayaquil airport with fake Spanish visas.

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