A Men About 75 years old Is dead Later Jump Of a The building Located on the street Luxembourg Y. PortugalIn the La Carolina sector, north Quito. The traffic event happened this Tuesday, the morning of April 12, 2022.

Preliminary information indicates that the man entered the building around 9:30 pm without speaking to anyone. He went straight to the porch on the 13th floor and committed suicide.

Journalist Jonathan Carrera said on his Twitter account that the suicide bomber was an accused Former Army General Whose name is Braulio J. Major State Boss.

He said the man’s a Apartment In a building on Luxembourg Street, north of Quito. “Her driver picked her up from Miraflores and she jumped into the air. Tragic incident, “wrote the communicator.

“From the security videos we were able to get, we can see that the man threw himself into his own account,” said Francisco Caceres, police chief at the Inaquito Circuit, according to the Extra newspaper.

The Corpses Remained Sidewalk When dozens of spectators commented on the event in front of the building. Criminalist and Dinased personnel arrived at the scene with the necessary skills, the TVC channel reported.

Caceres added that they would talk to the family Is dead To know the possible reasons that inspired him to take his own life.


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