Ecuadorian immigrants have lived in the United States for 13 years. Photo: 1800 immigrants

The Ecuadorian immigrants Jose Fernando Sumba Gonzalez was found dead in a gunshot wound on May 31, 2022. White weapon In an apartment where he was renting together with other countrymen Queens, New YorkAmerica.

According to the NGO 1800migrante, Sumba was spotted by other Ecuadorians in her bed around 7 pm bleeding.

Emergency teams indicated they had found the Ecuadorian with three others Stab wounds Head, neck and abdomen.

“She was OK Nomadic workersA very friendly person who loved helping others was my uncle, “said Erica Sumba, niece of the deceased who lives in the United States.

The man from Cuenca was 35 years old and I was in the United States for 13 years. In that country he worked as a cook and construction worker.

Your relatives claim Judgment. “All we want is justice, finding the culprit, so that nothing is forgotten,” his niece said.

They ask if anyone has seen anything suspicious or has any clues, they can call the Police Department’s Precinct 110 in person or call 718 476 9324. They can also contact the office at

Swadeshi’s body will be returned to his native Kuenka, where he has a minor son.

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