The Autism spectrum disorder (Torch) Developmental disability. All the reasons for this are not yet known, it is believed to be multiple. There are indications of this Abnormalities of the brain. People with ASD behave, communicate, communicate and learn differently from most people. Many times they do not have anything in their appearance that sets them apart from others. Some may have Power From Advanced conversation, Others cannot express themselves verbally. There are those who need a lot of help in their daily lives; Others can work and live with little or no support.

Neurologist Juan Saltos explained the symptoms Torch Appears before 3 years of age and can last a lifetime, though Symptoms They tend to improve.

As Kids As ASD progresses, they may have difficulty knowing how to respond to the situation. Apparently, an application has been created in Argentina and is accessible in Ecuador to take advantage of it to help people with autism. The ‘Apps‘Free. Francisco Mickref, director of public affairs and sustainability at Globant Programmer, explained that part of the company’s sustainable development program is related to technology for the community. They work together Stock People with different intellectual abilities, such as people with ASD.

The ‘app’ solves the problem

The application is called Emotional and is only available for three weeks. It stems from interactions with civil society organizations that work with people with autism spectrum disorders.

The session consisted of a project to bring together psychologists, doctors, therapists and other people with technological developers. Together they achieve the application. For devices with the Android operating system, it can be downloaded from the Play Store Virtual Store. Programmers focused on the difficulties of the population with ASD in recognizing emotions, dealing with them, and communicating with other people.

The app takes six months to see the light, much more than is required for a typical ‘app’. The extra work was to bring people from different backgrounds, very different languages, to the same table and bring them together.
In a useful solution.

The software was originally created for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but can be used for people with other symptoms. Along the way, its usefulness was discovered for those who for some reason had difficulty capturing emotions.

The method that the program uses

Emotionally it provides a platform so that, in an interactive way, the target group can interact and learn emotions, including cards and parameters of ‘gamification’ (fun learning). An image of a real person shows a gesture that signifies an emotion and contains a brief explanation of what it represents. In this humorous way, people with autism can learn what that emotion means and how to deal with it.

Given the knowledge that they gain in a fun way through the ‘app’, it helps them to interact with people in the environment later on. For example, if a child with the disorder makes noises or noises and there is a person who looks dissatisfied or upset because of it. Usually a person with autism does not interpret that face in an annoying way and will continue to make noise because they do not see any mistake in it. But if you know that you are annoying others, you can be sympathetic to what you are doing, you can do it in other ways, you can ask if it bothers you, or you know how you can stop it. The app will be available on iOS in the coming months.

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