From Monday, April 11, 2022, Private vehicles Can be performed through an exclusive space that will be activated Four strategic points From the capital. The measures were announced following a technical study conducted by the Ministry of Mobility and the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT).

Silvana ValejoThe director of the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) explained that the measures were taken to reduce the transfer time of private vehicles. Busy time Which includes Monday to Friday from 06:30 to 08:30.

That is what the officer explained Transit agent They will be responsible for controlling the use of exclusive trolley lanes.

The exclusive lanes that will be enabled are:


  • From August 10 Avenue North-south from Avenida 10 de Agosto and Corea at the departure of the Labrador Interchange.
  • From 10 de Agosto Avenue, exit Falconí Street Labrador Interchange South-north side.


  • Maldonado Avenue from Army Road to Maldonado and Rocafuerte.
  • From Napo Avenue, Velasco Ibara to Velasco Ibara Avenue – South to North Kumanda.


About counter flow, Richard WellMobility Secretary, instructed that, in order to provide solutions High vehicle flow Registered in the district, they have worked together on medium and long-term mobility options.

This measure is currently Analysis stage And it is planned to report on the points that will be enabled in the following weeks

Peak and plate

This measure, they said from the Ministry of Mobility Peak and plate. Among the options is to increase the number of citizens in order to improve their travel time.

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