Spanish police have cracked down on a group accused of extorting money from clients of sex service websites, arresting nine people, most of them from Latin America.

Police made arrests in Spanish cities earlier this month, according to a report on Sunday Palma de Mallorca (Mediterranean) and Lugo (Northwest) and detainees include four Colombians, three Dominicans, one Ecuadorian and one Spaniard, including five women and four men, aged between 22 and 54.

Detainees have been charged with aggravated assault Criminal groups and extortionAccording to the police.

So far something has happened More than two hundred complaints In Spain, victims pay a different amount of money after accessing their sex pages and receiving threats.

The investigation began with a complaint from a man who entered a digital dating page but was unable to have sex and started getting Threat message According to police, he had to pay different amounts of money to the girls of the company on the pretext that he was wasting their time or harassing them.

Faced with the threat of loss, both he and his family paid a lot of money for something. € 3,500 (Approximately USD 3,786), before reporting to the police, who received other similar allegations.

For the most part, they were themselves Group members who pretended to be communication girls And in other more exceptional cases it was women who were deceived in advertising their sex services, without knowing about the extortion, according to police, whose investigation is still open and does not deny further arrests.

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