Director of Amnesty International’s office in Chile (AIRodrigo Bustos, Efe says conservative administration Sebastian Pinera He is a “Dark human rights legacy“, An idea that clarifies the annual report published by the organization this Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

The NGO Launched from its headquarters London His report In the World Panorama and Chile chapter Highlights of “No Progress in Human Rights, Justice and Compensation” since 2019 Social Crisis The most serious since the end of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship (1973-1990). And Pinera is the biggest hit of the government, which left office last March.

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“Institutions such as the police, the army and the public ministry, which rely on the previous government (…), have committed serious human rights violations and the administration has not prioritized or provided all necessary resources to deal with such situations. A serious crisis,” Bustos said.

Scenario, he said, “With a lot of impunityAfter more than two years, there has been a wave of widespread protests for equality, which is a left Thirty people were killed, thousands injured and allegations against security forces For police violence.

“So we have said that we have a dark legacy of human rights in the Pinera administration, and now the new authorities in government and Congress have an obligation to move forward with that debt,” he said.

Keeps busts Focus on the judiciary And sadly, only nine of the 10,796 charges filed for police violence in the wake of that crisis have been convicted, on charges of “beating, torture, manslaughter, sexual violence and blindfolding.”

Arrested protesters

In addition to condemnation Immunity and slow investigationThe report warns of the situation of some protesters arrested during the riots, which led to many excesses, fires, looting or destruction of public furniture.

Some, he indicated, “stayed in”.Detention for about a year And then they were acquitted, or the case was adjourned for lack of evidence. “

Adding to the fact that many were arrested under the state’s Internal Security Act, Bustos explained, “is very questionable from a human rights perspective because it contains some criminal type that is highly abstract and ultimately refers to political repression.”

From the organization Recommendations “Review case by case” and proceed with the processing of a controversial bill discussed in Parliament that seeks to grant amnesty to those accused of crimes in the wake of the protests or those still awaiting trial.

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