Just a few months before the World Cup Taste Violations of the rights of migrant workers remain unresolved, in addition to increasing restrictions on Freedom of expressionPunishment continues Homosexuality And by subjecting women to male guardianship, Amnesty International (AI) condemned this Monday, March 28, 2022.

The company said in its annual report on the situation Human rights In the world that, despite its promises, Qatar has not implemented the reforms imposed by the international pressure on the “kafala” or the system of patronage of foreign workers in the country in 2021, which allows the resumption of practice. Insulting

In it, he details the barriers to changing jobs, sometimes “invincible”, for migrant workers without their permission. Employer Although it is a legal requirement or the power to cancel employers is off Residence permit Or press charge Leakage.

He is also quoted Prohibition To form or join Union Immigrants and lack of effective means of justice to claim Unpaid wages.

On the other hand, he accused Dr. Taste No. Investigation Exactly Death It is impossible to know whether one of the “thousands of workers” in the last decade, despite passing compulsory medical examinations before traveling to the country, suddenly and unexpectedly (…) could be blamed for this death. The state of labor.

Amnesty also warned that “sanctions have been imposed Freedom of expression Increased in the previous period The world 2022 ″, through the use of derogatory laws to silence critical voices, including arrests, Disappearance Forcefully and even Chase The Country From Foreign journalists.

For Rights Of WomenThis continues to be the subject of the system Male guardianshipWhich prevents them from getting married, studying abroad on public scholarships, working in government jobs, receiving some Service From Reproductive health And even without traveling abroad Permission Of a People Of his family.

In addition, the AI ​​highlighted in its report that the Qatari penal code “continues to criminalize the relationship.” Gay Among men, the penalty is up to seven years in prison. Prison

The NGO, on the other hand, highlighted that in 2021, for the first time in its history, Qatar had chosen to hold a consultative assembly with very limited legislative capacity, but regretted that “on the basis of legislation Discriminatory On Nationality“Only those Qataris whose grandparents were born in the country can participate.


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