America is facing an immigration crisis with thousands of pedestrians trying to reach the United States. Photo: EFE

America One of them is an elderly man Immigration crisis Thousands of pedestrians try to reach America To achieve the “American Dream”. This Friday 3rd June, 2022 we will tell you about this problem.

Constant deportation and increasingly difficult due Border dangerPanama with Mexico and Colombia in particular.

This has made irregular immigration one of the main topics of discussion at the US Summit to be held in Los Angeles (USA) from June 6 to 10.

One of the main centers of the immigration crisis is in Haiti, where gang violence, hunger, the political crisis, and the devastation caused by the 2021 earthquake are rapidly expelling the population to the United States.

Haitian citizen

Coordinator of the national roundtable meeting Migration And William Charpentier, a refugee from the Dominican Republic, said that “Haitians have to flee their country in desperation and to improve their lives, but to save their lives.”

Upon their departure, the Haitians joined the immigrant caravan to the United States, and in recent months, have resorted more frequently to dangerous routes in the Caribbean Sea in fragile boats bound for Florida or Puerto Rico.

Coast Guard America So far this year, 3,900 Haitians have been captured, more than double last year, and 175 are still dead or missing at sea.

The Dominican Navy alone has detained 1,747 Haitians in the last six months, and 2,201 Dominicans who, for better living, tried to travel illegally through the treacherous Mona Canal to Puerto Rico.

Dangerous entry into Central America

Darien Gap, The Natural boundaries Between Panama and Colombia, it is the gateway to Central America, almost the final stretch of North America, and, consequently, the deadliest point on the continent: it is considered one of the most dangerous routes in the world due to its jungle climate. Self and the presence of armed groups.

19,000 as of last April Irregular immigrants More than 133,000 people crossed the border last year, according to official figures from the Panamanian government, a historic figure and registered for the entire previous decade.

This wave joins the caravan of the North Triangle of Central America, consisting of L citizens Salvador, Honduras and GuatemalaRunning away from growing poverty, Maras (gang) violence and drug trafficking for a better life in the United States and Canada.

According to the International Organization for Migration, deportation from the United States increased by 583.8% at the end of the first quarter of 2022.IOM)

The situation forced authorities in 20 countries on the continent to form a working group to join the growing migrant flow to the Americas, following a regional meeting on immigration and security in Panama last April.

Mexico, militarization and free transit

Living in Mexico Migratory flow Record in the United States: The Latin American country deported more than 114,000 foreigners in 2021, according to the Interior Ministry’s Migration Policy Unit.

The Supreme Court of Mexico has declared immigration amendments unconstitutional that threaten free transit and recognizes 2020 immigration reform that prohibits the National Migration Institute from detaining minors at immigration stations.

According to the “Under the Boot” report of the Foundation for Justice and the Democratic Rule, there were 8,715 members of the armed forces operating on the border in 2019, but by April 2022 that number had more than tripled to more than 28,500. Of law (FJEDD)

Break, a rule used by the United States to expel undocumented immigrants during the Covid-19 epidemic, concluding the application of Title 42, has dashed the hopes of thousands of immigrants who were waiting for the measure to end last Monday. May 23

United States and Express deportation

In the United States, Effort The Joe Biden government was set up in court to overturn its predecessor, Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policy.

Biden dropped the immigrant protection protocol on his first day (MPP), Known as “Stay in Mexico”, which has forced asylum seekers in the Mexican region since 2019 to wait in precarious conditions and face months of violence.

But Justice Biden was forced to reactivate the program, which was widely criticized by human rights defenders and backed by the Mexican government.

Another attempt by the administration to tear down Trump’s legacy was on May 20, when a Louisiana judge ordered the title 42 to be kept intact.

The government tried to lift the regulation before the end of the epidemic, but the judge agreed with Republican-ruled states that condemned the potential increase in border crossings and damage to their health care system.

Border chaos

“Title 42 is a failure as a border management policy. (…) This has created more chaos and more border crossings, “said Aaron Reichlin-Melnik, a migration specialist at the American Immigration Council.

Under these regulations, 1.8 million were expelled, in many cases those who exceeded more than one because they did not have a record when their hot returns were made.

The Biden effort The abolition of these measures does not imply an open door policy, since the administration’s message to immigrants is “do not come.”

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