The Judgment Between Amber Hard and Johnny Depp Stay tuned And, this Thursday, May 5, the actress was To announce Against him for the second day Ex-husbandWhich Counter For USD 100 million.

At the session, Hard’s legal team shows the jury Photograph Which Probably Is passed from Depp Cost From Alcohol And various Of drugs.

According to his statement, he began to notice “behavioral patterns” that had changed “significantly”. Depends Than that Consumer“Right now.

He claims that he has started taking these PhotographTwo years later RelationshipsWhat was as an experiment Going.

“And he won’t remember it, or deny it, or accuse me that it happened when it didn’t happen. And I had no one.” Will support. It was he, his employees and those who were Take careAgainst me WordsSo I started taking Photos Say: ‘Look, this is it Happening” Amber said.

According to him, to collect these Track They will help her feelings Approval What I was about HappeningSince I could show with it Hero From the story ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Condition Which Was.

“She knows IgnoranceHe will get sick, he will lose control of himself and people will pick him up, clean him up and fix him, “the ‘Aquaman’ actress told the court.

In one of them Photograph Presented it is possible to see Depp The floor At a hotel, time, according to his ex-partner, a Tour Promotional Where they were Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp, the artist’s child with Vanessa Paradis.

Photo: EFE

He assures her that he is later Wake upHe started Scream And InsultWhen there were children Adjacent rooms.

In one picture, Depp is shown Sleepy A. Sofa One with a spilled glass and the other he is in a chair on vacation.

“I was, you know, in a dilemma Of drugs Where I have seen without it To eat, Sleeping Little or nothing and Eating cocaine And drinking all day, ”he said.

Photo: EFE

Although the artist said he was a “pinnacle” Restraint“, Says it wasn’t entirely TrueSince he is some prisoner Photograph His, perhaps IgnoranceAfter a while he announced that I can leave From Swallow.

In addition, the 36-year-old actress Dap Dr. Sharing drugs With him FatherDavid Hard, who was “addicted to the same thing as Johnny.”

Photo: EFE

For now, Judgment Will continue with more Testimonials By Heard, there are Accused From Actor If any Insulted A Love affair With co-star James Franco, while they were still Husbands.

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