Amber Hard claims to be a victim of domestic violence. Photo: Instagram Amber Hard

Actor Johnny Depp This Wednesday, June 1, he won a defamation suit against his ex-wife, Amber HardHowever, popular juries also accused her of defaming the actress at one of the events.

This victory Media trial This was clear to Depp because he had to pay Hard only 2 2 million more than the US 10 10 – according to the jury they were 15 but the judge reduced it.

A jury of five men and two women unanimously determined that Hard wrote in three sentences. Feedback column Published in the Washington Post in 2018 False, defamatory And they were written with bad intentions, although they did not explicitly mention Depp.

That writing, which the actress has claimed “Victims of Domestic Violence”The lawsuit was settled out of court, with Depp seeking D 50 million in damages.

Finally, the verdict states that the actress must pay US 10 10 million in damages and a further 5 5 million in fines, although Fairfax County (Virginia, USA) Judge Penny Azcaret reduced this amount to USD 350,000.

Yes, that’s right Depp won his caseHis ex-wife filed a lawsuit against the actor for not coming out completely clear from the trial Counter claimAlso for defamation, based on another statement from him and his former lawyer.

Finally, the jury found that Depp had defamed Hard at one point and therefore must pay USD 2 million in damages. The court did not specify whether the amount was to be deducted from the actress’ pay or to be paid separately.

Heard: “My heart is broken”

Hard, who maintained his composure in court as soon as the verdict was read, said in a statement later Guess the defeat And said he was “disappointed” and “heartbroken” by the outcome.

“It simply came to our notice then. I was heartbroken because the mountain of tests was still not enough to deal with My ex-husband’s unequal power and influence“, He climbed.

The actress, best known for her role in ‘Aquaman’, has been the target of intense online criticism from Depp fans.

In his final statement to the jury last week, Hard said he received death threats “every day.”
“I am being harassed, humiliated and threatened every day,” she said in tears.

Depp: “The jury gave me back my life.”

On his part, Depp did not attend the reading because he was on a trip to London, where he recently attended a concert with his friend Jeff Beck.

The actor’s team released a statement thanking the jury for “bringing his life back.”

“It simply came to our notice then Visible expressionDad, “he declared.

However, in the weeks that the oral hearing was protracted, Depp had to admit to issues such as his violent behavior and a strong drug addiction that were very detrimental to his image.

In fact, before Depp his old representative announced, Tracy JacobsWho said that the actor’s behavior and lack of professionalism, for which he was late for filming and did not learn the scripts, hampered his career in Hollywood long before Hard accused him of abuse.

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