Warner did not want to hire Amber for the media moment with Johnny Depp. Photo: EFE

Television trial between Amber Hard and Johnny Depp Defamation And complaints Domestic violence Day by day new revelations come. Testimony and hearing have been going on for more than three weeks Test Controversial case.

The 36-year-old actress To testify For three days before a Virginia jury, AmericaWhich he has turned strong Complaint Against her ex-husband. He points it out to be one Abuser Y. Abuser.

Will he star in ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’?

With its end StatementThe model further said that Depp has adopted one Campaign From Disrespect To prevent him from being hired by Hollywood Great production. Specifically, he talks about his role in the film ‘Aquaman’, for which he earned more than USD 1. Millions

When they were Conversation To record the second part MoviesEverything, according to him, collapsed. Warner Bros. did not want Hire him For again Media situation Where he was at the time of divorcing Depp and accusing him Domestic violence.

“I fought hard to retain the character. They didn’t want to include me Movies”, He commented. Despite the scandal, he starred in the sequel ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ as ‘Mera’; Only that was his role Has gone through change.

“They gave me a preliminary script and then they gave it to me New version, Where they omitted scenes that had action, representing my character (…). They basically took a lot from my role. They are just a release A lot“, He added.

The May 16 revelations will support the announcement of film journalist Grace Randolph, who said earlier this month that I heard Will appear less than Ten minutes In the sequel to ‘Aquaman’.

However, Hard even doubted, as he told the judge: “I don’t know if I must finally be Or how long? It was hard to be in the movie. ”

When was ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ released?

Warner Bros. did not comment Comments From I heardNor did he specify if he had imprinted his role and cut most of the scenes recorded in the last few months, before starting Judgment In Actor.

In fact, r Audiovisual monster Has received thousands of comments from FansThose who ask Remove permanently Actress in the role of ‘Mera’. For example, a petition on the Change.org platform has about 4.5 million signatures. “Amber has been exposed as hard Domestic abuser By Johnny Depp, “said the petitioner.

Still, Warner Bros. will have plenty of time to evaluate the issue, as it plans to release the sequel on March 17, 2023. They Jason Momoa.


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