Inside AmbatoDetermining tariff costs Passage Urban transport causes discomfort. Urban Transport Union leaders a Study Technical prepared by entity. There are set Increase Of Passage From 30 58 cents.

The report is submitted Traffic Commission Cantonal Council and Department of Technicians Transit Municipalities will be analyzed. According to the carriers, the study of passenger growth was made under established technical parameters Ministry From Transportation And Public Works (MTOP), and the National Transit Agency (ANT)

Tungurhua Urban Transport Union President. Miguel ZamoraSaid that even when the study was prepared three months ago Students Education unit and University They were in virtual class. However, there is a need to agree with the authorities to establish the actual value of the rent increase. “It is possible that the report presented will reduce the rate because we are currently working normally.”

Process To adjust the passage

On Friday, April 6, 2022, the first working meeting with the transport sector was held Mayor Javier Altamirano And technicians from the traffic directorate will analyze the problem.

Zamora has announced that a new session will be held next Wednesday, May 11 at noon Municipality From Ambato. “We hope to reach one Agreement The report is sent to the Traffic Commission for analysis and later to the Municipal Council for discussion and approval. ”

He noted that the transport sector has suffered the most during this period Extreme Because of the credit they have earned New unit Transportation could not be canceled on time. “There are colleagues who are losing all their resources and this needs to be adjusted.”

An incidental adjustment of the passage must be analyzed by the local authorities of Ambato.  Photo: Modesto Moreta / EL Commerceo
An incidental adjustment of the passage must be analyzed by the local authorities of Ambato. Photo: Modesto Moreta / EL Commerceo

He noted that supplies such as Spare parts, tires And oil for Maintenance Increased between 30% and 40% of units. There is Still Live Effective every month Need USD 500 and up 600.

With ticket alert ‘High price

Manuel Pallet, Councilor From Ambato And the president of the Transit Commission, stated that the result from the ticket price Study Is the carrier High And that has been the reason Discomfort On users. The report considers a 93% increase related to the current rate.

The mayor noted that once the managers set the price, it would go to the commission and the report would be sent to the cantonment council’s plenary for analysis and socialization. Citizen participation Before your approval.

“We are aware that an increase should be given, but more than 58 cents and far from the socio-economic situation in Ambateos. As chairman of the commission, we will not allow high values ​​to be approved, “Palate said.

Rejects announcement of revision of urban transport rates Federation of Ambatore neighborhood. The organization indicates that Not in Quito, not in GuayaquilThe big cities are there The value.

Philip BonillaThe president of the federation, however, confirmed that although it is true that there Increase Of Price Fuel, tires and oil, recommended standards The passage is unreal Because the increase in the wages of the workers is minimal. “It must be socialized before the ticket price can be increased and social groups have not been called upon to properly object to the proposals.”

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