The Amazing women They ask for consideration of their proposals for equality and prevention policy. They work on them so that they are present in its project Reform of organic law for comprehensive planning of Amazon Territorial Circumcision. Help VeraCoordinator Amazon Women’s NetworkExplain that they want to transform the economic and social inequalities that affect women’s life projects in Amazon.

You have 9,200 offers Companies And includes aspects such as women’s participation and representation Local authorities And decision Regional policy and budget. “We consider that this directory, which is being managed by Amazon Technical Secretariat, must consist of 50% women. We propose to a woman Representative It is part of the GAD’s directory and has a female representative from all the women’s organizations in the six Amazon states, “said Vera.

They suggest that 70% Job advertisement The law that stipulates for companies operating on Amazon will be allocated to positions occupied by 75% women. “It simply came to our notice then Prevention and elimination of violence. We cannot ignore access to work for women, “said a representative of the network.

Transformation of cultural patterns

Axelio Vera recalls that for every 100 hours of household chores per week, women do 88 hours, compared to 12 hours for men. For this reason, it indicates that it is possible to convert it by law Cultural patterns That created inequality and that triggered Violence against women. “It’s a reality that girls and women go through serious situations. The legislature must adopt effective legal reforms to ensure that inequalities are eliminated. “

Vera noted that a large part of the proposal has been included in the report of the Biodiversity Commission Amazon women. However, they were not specified Recommended Percentage. He explained that there are two funds that eat up Amazon law: the Sustainable Development Fund and the General Fund.


“The first is distributed as follows: 28% for the six provincial governments, 58% for the 41 municipalities, 10% for the 200 parish councils and 4% for the Amazon Technical Secretariat.” What Amazon women are proposing is a 10% to work on prevention and equality policySuch education from elementary level.

Besides, they proposed to give these resources to the government from the development fund Secondary resistance. That is, to strengthen existing rights protection boards; To create equity and justice care centers and to strengthen and build shelters. In AmazonVera says there are only two of them, four Provinces They don’t.

For care Victims of gender based violence, Amazon women also want to allocate 15% of the general funds for this emergency investment Vera noted that the violence figures on Amazon would not change if the required percentages were not allocated, which should be included. Correction. Excluding this, he said, is a serious problem affecting 51% of the population.

The treatment is still pending in the assembly

The reform proposal was tabled on October 7, 2021 by Amazon Women’s Network and The National Women’s Alliance. Since the last day of April, policy promoters have been waiting for the report to be tabled in the National Assembly.

The point was made during the 772nd session Complete, But it was not treated. After that session was adjourned, it was not put on the agenda for subsequent sessions. That is why women are expecting Putting the agenda back First discussion.

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