Rocio YepageFernando Villavicencio’s alternate assemblyman from the Socialist Party of Ecuador (PES) Condemned the kidnapping attempt in Quito.

He indicated that the incident took place on April 1 on Simon Bolivar Avenue while he was with it. Marcela ArelanoUnion workers and youth Gabriel Chavez.

According to his story, which appeared in a statement on Tuesday, April 12, Attempted abduction It happened when he and his friends stopped on the avenue because the car they were traveling in presented “an error,” which “later turned out to be a provocation.”

At the time, he said, five people had tried to commit the crime. Yepez was placed in a hunter’s car and Gabriel was wounded by an assailant, while Marcella Arelano was thrown into a ditch. The latter was able to call for help, causing the attackers to flee.

According to the woman at the alternative rally, the attackers’ intent was not to steal our belongings, they only stole a cell phone, but their motive. Carrying out a kidnapping Maybe that’s what they call ‘express’.

He added that “it could be Attempted common crime Or political intimidation. But whatever it is, I am revealing this fact to draw attention to the situation, after my own experience Growing insecurity Where we live. ”

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