This Sunday, June 26, 2022 at midnight, the President of the Assembly, Virgil Sakisela (ind.), ordered Suspension Debate on request for Dismissed Against the head of state, William LassoAnd announced that the procedure will resume this Tuesday at 28, 11:00.

They had already intervened when Sakisela made this decision 68 MLAs From different benches. The plenary session for this issue was installed on Saturday 26, 18:30; It was postponed to Sunday at 01:45; It was reopened at 4:00 pm and suspended again at 11:30 pm.

Sakisela says they are still missing. “Some MPs”Intervention and in addition, at Lasso’s request, will require information from National Electoral Council (CNE) and the Economic Governance Law Commission, related to government planning.

He argued that the reason for this Monday’s session could not be resumed Appearance Home Secretary Patricio Carrillo and Defense Secretary Luis Lara Method And performance Police and armed forces In the context of the national strike.

Request to dismiss Lasso Is powered by correismBecause under “Serious political crisis And internal disturbances ”, according to the article 130 No. 2 of the Constitution.

Presentation of motion

On the second day of the debate Fernando SedenoA member of the bench moved a motion “to approve a resolution for the dismissal of the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso”, once the term established in the highest norm is fulfilled.

“In 72 hoursOnce the procedure established by law is completed, the Legislature will make a reasonable decision based on the evidence presented by the President of the Republic, ”the article said.

Required votes

Paula HeadsUNESC members of the Caucasus Assembly and its allies such as Alexander Zaramillo Y Johanna MoreraIts dissenting Democratic leftRecognize that they do not have insurance 92 votes So far for dismissal.

“Of course some legislators, counting, adding, subtracting, believe that there will be no vote to make a decision. Well, look, the people of Ecuador can’t wait any longer ParliamentWe have already taken them down many times, ”said Cabezas.

In support of Five-legged And some distinct, could reach 80, but such was the pronunciation Lorry in GuadalupeWho was removed from the presidency of the Legislature, against this option.

“People know how to rewrite their history and this war does not end there. Of course in the city You need to know how to rewrite your history And there are other constitutional instruments that will allow you to make decisions because the people have already made decisions. President Lasso, the people have come in and the people have taken them out, and remember that the mandate is on the way to be withdrawn, “Cabezas added.

Jaramillo and Morera As long as the debate is postponed Government Rules on Conaie’s request. “If there are violations and the president of the republic continues these violations, we can reactivate it at that time,” Jaramillo said.

Threat report

In the middle of the discussion, the head of the ruling party. John Ferdinand FlowerCondemned that several MLAs have been victimized Blockade their homes And calls, including offers, as the controversy unfolded.

“While others are debating, calls, threats and harassment so that legislators vote according to the wishes of some political group and insist on being and being,” he said.

He even hinted Fernando CabascongoAssembly of the Radical Wing Five-leggedAnd said that “he must explain to the plenary what he is doing at a rally on the outskirts of another legislature to encircle him ৷ isn’t that a crime?”

“Two days are endless Speech Y Narrative “So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.”

He mentioned that Government Willing to correct and accept 10 approaches Of the tribal movement. He hinted at President Lasso’s decision to reduce Petrol priceAlthough Ramiro Norvez (ID) Says it is insufficient.

“The Cross death I don’t think that’s the solution. But be careful, President, don’t believe that people will always be aware that whether you correct it or not, the clock is ticking, “Norway warned, although he said Will vote against Lasso’s impeachment.

Ramiro Frias, one of the ID legislators, said he received phone calls and messages asking him to vote for impeachment; However, he is against it, considering that democracy and the country’s institutions must be protected.

Official Patrick Cervantes He assured that Karanki’s men went to his house in Ibarra with banners and slogans to pressure him and they also tried to enter his colleague’s house. Blanca SakanselaWho took a full break.

Another member of the legislature who rejected the threat was Rafael Lucero, the former head of the Pachakutik bloc, who said he would vote for social struggle. His co-ideologue, Joel Abad, questioned the legitimacy of Lasso’s election and assured that the “tribal movement” had won the last election. 14 out of 28 provinces of the country”, When he did not notice the error because there are 24.

“There is nothing more democratic than calling the next election. Undoubtedly, we have an incompetent state that is not even capable of managing the insecurity of its citizens, ”stressed Marcella Holguin, UNICEF Coordinator.

Campuses in 15 provinces will be in online classes within the framework of the national strike. Learn what they are »

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