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Allianza del Valle Cooperative celebrates 52 years of institutional life and ranks as the No. 1 financial institution in terms of growth since its success at all levels in 2021.

One of its biggest achievements was the digital credit that came on the market in January 2021 and allowed a placement of around US 10 104 million nationwide. Thanks to this, the portfolio has grown significantly.

Alianza del Valle has disbursed USD 489 million in microfinance, the second-largest financial institution with the largest disbursement from segment 1 during that period. This fact makes it a benchmark in the national financial system.

The risk rating committee has assigned the cooperative an AA rating category, which demonstrates the financial soundness of the organization and its good performance throughout its history.

If we talk about statistics, the company closed in 2021 with USD 973 million, an annual growth of 77%. The deposit reached USD 755 million, representing an annual growth of 76%. As for the balance of the portfolio, it closed at USD 777 million with an increase of 87.73%.

These indicators place the Cooperative Allianza del Valle as the No. 1 financial institution in terms of growth in 2021.


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