Vice President Alfredo Borero at the opening of the WHO Annual Assembly. Photo: Twitter @ABorreroVega

Vice President Alfredo Borero The request was made at the opening ceremony on May 22 WHO Annual Assembly The organization will be reformed to better prepare for future epidemics and to “usher in a new era in global health.”

“This era needs to be framed in a different international architecture, with integrated and creative work that marks the course of our history,” he said. EraserWho stressed that social justice, sustainability and solidarity should serve as a guideline for the necessary changes.

Reforms to the WHO and the World Health Organization, he assured, “strengthen the readiness and response capacity, cultivate resilience The epidemic

It must be done within a framework International treaty Which is currently being discussed at the WHO, Borrero indicated in reference to a future agreement, convention or similar legal instrument that the organization may approve by 2024.

The changes, the vice president added, “must include a significant strengthening of international cooperation for improvement. PrecautionsSurveillance and information dissemination “.

There should also be an expansion of universal health coverage Reform CenterA universal access, which is “a moral obligation and a moral duty,” says Borough, a doctor by profession.

The Vice President has indicated that WHO assembly There should also be progress in the debate on the best funding for the international health system.

“It simply came to our notice then Financial stability Of the new global health architecture, “said Borero.

Ethiopian to be re-elected as first person since World Health Organization rally, lasts seven days Tedros adhanam gebreisas Second five-year term as WHO Director-General.

“His tireless work and dedication to the service has been essential to overcoming the trauma of recent years, and it is expected that he will be much more likely to face new challenges,” said Borrero.

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