Argentina’s Gustavo Alfaro, TRAI’s coach, wants to discover what his students are missing. Photo: Internet

Ecuador football team There will be A trip Three friendly matches By the United States, June 2 to 11, 2022.

Argentina coach Gustavo Alfaro confirmed on June 1 that he would like to make a discovery in a friendly match with Nigeria this Thursday. Missing To them Students And what should be included before the Qatar World Cup.

“What we will look for in this preparation with this friendship is to see what we lack, Because we know what I eat Our own team And we have to include that, ”he said in a proposal to the meeting that New Jersey will play this Thursday.

After the match against Nigeria, the three Mexican teams will face off on Sunday, June 5 and in Cape Verde, June 11, Three rivals With which he wants to adapt to the features of Qatar, Senegal and the Netherlands in the group stage of the World Cup.

However, he guaranteed that these trials would not endanger the “essence of Ecuador” in football.

Alfaro asks his team for effort

Alfaro will have it all Statistics With which Classified A Qatar 2022And forward Alexander Alvarado needs to be tested.

With a 30-year career as a coach, Argentina is preparing for its first World Cup as a coach.

Players and coaches agree to playThe best World Cup What Ecuador can do “and Germany surpassed the 2006 campaign, when they reached the 16th round.

The former Boca coach has said he wants to ensure the best level of his squad The players try “To gain ownership in the team they are playing in.”

Alfaro recalled that achieving the classification was “very difficult” and acknowledged that his players knew that the road ahead would be “much harder.”

Byron Castillo was able to travel and joined TRAI for international friendship before the # Catar2022 World Cup. DT Gustavo Alfaro received him passionately. Https://

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