The Ecuador team is training in New Jersey before the match against Nigeria. Photo: FEF

The Player Ecuador Received an ultimatum from their coach, Gustavo Alfaro. DT Tri has started competing for a position to form, which will play Qatar World Cup 2022.

At a news conference in New Jersey on June 1, 2022, the strategist said that There is already a preliminary list of playersHowever, there are these salaries More than 26 namesThe minimum number of athletes who can choose one.

“I have more than 26 players, The right to be part of the list must be acquired. I want them to earn it, make things difficult for me, hand over that responsibility to me and not let them down on their own, ”said the coach.

Alfaro made this known to his players, before the game against June 2 Nigeria, In the North American region. He will also play against Trid this month Mexico and Cape Verde, DT believes that these games will serve the players to show their skills.

It is a right they have earned, but now they have an obligationIf you expect to receive, you must pay. We are going to a special privileged place and that place must be protected, it took us a long time to get there. Playing in the World Cup is incredible, “said Alfaro.

Coach is clear that despite the classification, as fourth in South America, Ecuador has some improvement. According to him, the The level of demand in Qatar will be higherCompared to the playoffs.

He says it’s time to dump her and move on. In all this he guessed Take the opportunity to make three friendly variants And observe the players as closely as possible.

Tri upgrade

“We want tos Error margin is narrowThese games let us do it, to see the paths we have to take. In these games you can see the style of play, it’s not so much the focus on the opponent, it’s on the players, “the coach explained.

He once again mentioned the goal of keeping the goal clear, strengthening his defense, in search of winning points and fighting in the World Cup, where they will face off. Qatar, the Netherlands and Senegal.

“We agree with what we have done to qualify It is not enough, we have to increase, there is something we can improve And the other thing we have to assimilate is that we don’t have the experience to play in the World Cup because of this young squad, “he said.

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