The National Court of Justice (CNJ) Alexis Mera, Coreismo’s former legal secretary, has received a strong appeal for reconsideration of his sentence in the 2012-2016 bribery case.

The Resources From Reconsideration Of Judgment Raised by Mera’s defense, who was sentenced to eight years in prison as co-author The crime of bribery.

The Office of the Attorney General of the StateIn a statement, this Tuesday, April 12, 2022 reported that it had been notified by the National Court of Justice Acceptability Appeal for review presented April 1 by Alexis Mera Giller’s technical defense.

The Prosecution Mentioned that this resource will be raffled among judges who constitute criminals, military offenders, police offenders and court traffic chambers. Method Own

He also recalled the case Bribery It is known and approved by ten judges of the court.

The appeal came just days after Judge Javier Moscow granted a waiver Habitat Corps writ To the former vice president of Corismo, George GlassWith which he regained his freedom.

In a statement posted on Twitter, The Prosecution Glass expressed concern about the appeal and, in this context, requested the National Court of Justice to resolve Merr’s appeal under “strict law”.

The Entity Public opinion is urged to “be vigilant in judicial proceedings, so that Crime Against efficiency Management Public “That is, those who have directly damaged the assets of the Ecuadorian people are not exempt.”

Mera is one of 20 people convicted of bribery Bribery case And Ambato is serving an eight-year sentence in prison. Former President Rafael Correa and former Vice President Jorge Glass have also been convicted.

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