President William Lasso Will change one of the most important portfolios on the political front: Ministry of Government.

This newspaper was confirmed by Carondelet, Alexandra Vela The Secretary of State will leave this Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

The officer will be replaced by the ruling party’s legislator so far, Francisco Jimenez.

Led by sailing Ministry of Government Replacing July 15, 2021 Caesar MangeWho died of cancer.

The minister was scheduled to hold a press conference on the ‘political situation’ this afternoon but it was postponed at the last minute.

Earlier, Vela went to the Constitutional Court to present a motion of unconstitutionality against the 268 general amnesties approved by the Assembly in a single package.

In recent weeks, the executive and the legislature have expanded Political tensionsWhich reached its peak when the legislature rejected the bill Investment law Which was of an urgent nature in economic matters.

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