The 69-year-old driver lived in the Basque Country for several years and for a time worked as an assistant at the Morsia Institute of Legal Medicine.

Allegedly hit the driver
The driver who allegedly ran over Valvarde last Saturday.Marshall GuilinEFE
  • Alexander Valvarde Deliberately hit in Murcia by a hit-and-run driver who later turned himself in

The 69-year-old rider was a civil guard, accused by cyclists Alejandro Valvarde and two teammates from the Mursian district of Javal Vizor, his lawyer, Arian Santiago, told EFE. Tuesday.

The defendant, who had lived in the Basque Country for several years and worked for some time as an assistant at the Murcia Legal Medicine Institute, was acquitted after testifying before the head of the 3rd Investigating Court in the Murcian capital, who appeared on the 1st and 15th of each month. Imposes the obligation to be and directs the revocation of the driver’s license and the intervention of the vehicle, noting the signs of possible offenses against road safety, injury and abandonment of the scene of the accident.

His lawyer insisted there was no intent in the anger of the three professional cyclists, although he did not want to explain the circumstances under which the accident happened and his client would give his version of the incident – he is sure – when he recovers emotionally from what happened.

The outrage, as the EFE learned from sources close to the case being investigated by the national police, occurred around 12:20 pm in Javal Vijo district when some cyclists blamed a reckless overtaking that put them in danger. Not respecting the mandatory meters and a distance of one and a half to pass them by road.

“45 hours off”

Hearing them, the defendants stopped, backed up, and charged Valvarde from behind, who was very dizzy with the blow, and his two companions, then fled along the RM-560 road from Javal Vizo to Pedana Murcia.

Hours after the accident, he turned himself in to local police and was detained until he was brought to court on Monday morning. “When he has the strength, he will give his version, but now it is soon because he is embezzling what happened, he has been detained for 45 hours and he is a person who is taking oncological drugs and has some illness,” the lawyer said.

Alejandro Valvarde, 42, and facing his last season as a professional, was released along with another teammate after being under observation at the Virgin de la Erixaca hospital in Murcia on the same Saturday night. Peter Moya.

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