According to El Confidential, the president of the COE has also met with a high-ranking official of the Generalitat, accused of multiple corruption cases. Blanco denied having received or received any money.

Alejandro Blanco, in an appearance this week.
Alejandro Blanco, in an appearance this week.Rodrigo JimenezEFE

Echoes of failure Aragon and Catalonia’s candidacy for the 2030 Winter Olympics. If these days there are complaints and arguments among the main protagonists trying to host a Spanish show, he is now its president. Spanish Olympic Committee, Alexander WhiteOne in the eyes of the hurricane.

According to published information ‘Confidential‘, Blanco secretly discusses joint candidacy of both autonomous communities with former president of Generalitat Arthur Moore And with high positions in government Tora and Aragon Against whom there are multiple cases of corruption. Also, at the meeting held in November 2019, the President of COE requested 400,000 That they were going to serve to make an “opaque” deal, as stated by the newspaper, which had access to the report Civil Guard In summary of the Voloh case, where the removal of funds in the independence movement is being investigated.

The Meeting between Blanco and Mas It comes just weeks after a series of protests condemned the heroes of the referendum and crippled Catalonia after the referendum was announced. In 2017 the Catalan Republic.

Alejandro Blanco responded to this information with a statement acknowledging that he had “held official and private meetings with political leaders, social, business and union agents, both in Catalonia and Aragon,” but denied that “the COE or I For which we have received or demanded a subsidy or any amount “.

It also includes an explanation from the former sports secretary general de Catalunya, Gerard Figueroa: “The COE never asked Generalitat for a single euro. Not one. Or Generalitat, when I was the general secretary of sports, did not hand over a single euro to COE. The amount of 400,000 euros that appears in the science fiction published through this communication indicates the amount that, from Generalitat, we have commented that we can try to budget for 2020, if we have to go to Tokyo to promote the 2020 Games. Candidacy, which never happened“, COE clarifies the note.

Breaking off

Three days ago, Blanco strongly attacks Javier Lambon, President of the Aragon community, assured that he was the one who decided to break the agreement. “The COE sent a letter to the IOC for a joint games between Catalonia and Aragon before the Tokyo Games. They had three letters from the president of the government, Pedro Sanchez; President of the Generalitat, Peter AragonesAnd the president of the Aragon community, Javier Lambon“Blanco explained.” There was an agreement, but then President Lambon decided to break it. Let everyone take their responsibility “, he added

“Lambon sent me – continued the leader – a letter stating that he did not agree with the distribution that the Technical Commission had agreed to. The snow proposal, the subject of discussion, was made by Aragon technicians.” “On the other hand, when politicians come, everything breaks down,” he added.

Blanco, wounded, lamented how this adventure ended because of its meaning. “We didn’t have the best technical project possible. For example, we had to jump. But we had pillars. On the one hand, the rebirth of a region, the Pyrenees. On the other hand, because It was a sports project that was a meeting point between Spain, Aragon and Catalonia, where they could sit and talk and listen to society without political tension.. Which has given this prayer a lot of strength. Pretending to be united was not a project of politics, but of civil society, businessmen, SME presidents … “, he explained, concluding:” Our image in front of the IOC has improved. I hope we have learned. “

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