Spanish Carlos Alcaraz Madrid have won the fifth title of their career, the fourth so far this season, losing in the final. Madrid Open From German Alexander ZverevRuling Champion, Poer 6-3 and 6-1, After an hour or two.

Alcaraz, who will emerge as the sixth player in the world in the ATP rankings, has beaten three of the first four players in the Caza Magica rankings. He lost to number one Serbian in the semifinals Novak Djokovic And before, in the quarter, at number four, the Spanish Rafael Nadal, 21 Grand Slam winners. Now, in Madrid, he has knocked out the Germans, currently the third racket on the planet.

He was also the youngest champion of the Madrid tournament after losing to Rafael Nadal in the same clay court tournament. Novak Djokovic. Now, in the magic box, He won his second Masters 1000 title, the most relevant on the circuit since the Grand Slam.

The Spanish tennis player is sure of the final. He has won all the games he has played. Nadal is already the youngest five-time champion since winning seven trophies at the same age in 2004-2005.

Alcaraz, who has won seven in a row against the top ten players, has 28 wins so far this season. More than anyone. He faced the Greeks in the final Stefanos Sitcipas But winning the final has left him the most successful so far this year. He has lost just three defeats and is lining up his presence in the ATP Finals at the end of the year. He is second only to Nadal in the race for the title.

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