They won the game 6-1, 2-6 and 6-3 in two hours and 26 minutes. A fall where he bent his ankle called into question his continuity on the track

Alcaraz is celebrating a point against Nadal.
Alcaraz is celebrating a point against Nadal.Oscar of the WellAFP

In the third game of the second set, everything was being sought for Carlos Alcaraz until his right ankle sprained while chasing a ball to his opponent. It is true that Mallorkan restored the order to the scoreboard, but He won the first set for his courage and dynamism, breaking his opponent’s serve three times.. Nadal was leading in one of the two games at the time of the accident, which did not come alone. The resumption, once Alcaraz received relevant attention, was brief: 3-1, an empty game for the left-handers. The match was forced to close again due to a heat stroke by a person at the stand, this time lasting more than fifteen minutes. Mursian was rarely in the rest of the set.

After a tie-breaker through the locker room, this season’s champion in Rio, Miami and Barcelona regained the speed and accuracy shown in the first set and ended one of the most important wins of his still short career, the fifth consecutive win. A in front Top ten, He gained the status he deserved with his victory over the Earl of God. In their third clash, A year after adding just three games to this same scene in the second round match And a month and a half after standing next to him in the Indian Wells semifinals, Alcaraz defeated Nadal 6-2, 1-6, 6-3 in two hours and 26 minutes and will face Novak Djokovic in the semifinals this Saturday. Only Taylor Fritz has won 21 Grand Slam titles this seasonAnd he did it in the Indian Wells final, when he had already pulled out a rib injury that kept him out of the game for almost six weeks.

This win has a lot of relevance in calling this player to the highest goal. It is in no way a Surprise, Okay, Nadal is still very much alive and has already been counted the most in the nearby Roland Garros, but I know a strong signal that Alcarez has broken down to stay.

Low expectations

Three hours and five minutes after getting rid of Goffin in the 16th round, Nadal lowered his expectations before an imaginary confrontation with Alcaraz, who has yet to beat Norris when appearing in front of the Mallorca media this Thursday. Southappa only faced his third game since his reappearance and needed more mileage to regain his true competitive vibe.

Alcarez was not easy against Nari in the match that ended at 11pm, almost four hours after Nadal’s game. Anyway, healthy, just 19 years old and in a good order with the victory in God’s reckoning and his entry Top tenThe boy was supposed to be a plus in the physical conflict.

Naturally a contender, Nadal was not going to throw himself into his opponent’s arms, even less so in the fight between the Spaniards and Madrid, a conflict that brought an extra element due to the generation gap: it was the widest one age difference in the quarter finals of the Masters 1000 since its inception, 1990. In, after 285 tournaments.

Nadal, who will turn 36 on June 36, tried to corner his opponent in the backhand zone, but could not stop Alcaraz, who rose to 19 on Thursday, not being the first of them to keep his serve after three consecutive breaks. True to his DNA, El Palmer’s players used themselves very strongly. When he couldn’t reverse hitting in the forehand, he was able to win points in the backhand, especially the crosscourt.

Like the great players, Alcaraz has raised the level he showed at Caja Mgica in his previous two games. Once he was able to take a break in the fourth game of the final set, his pulse did not tremble. Even the tape was on his side when he served 5-2 and left the ball dead on the other side of the net which allowed him to go to the chair with that advantage. Luck returned to Nadal, who was 5-3 in almost the same trance. Made by Alcarez Match points Won the match with a dropshot and a Passing shot Parallel to that was pure fantasy. She held her head in her hands as her parents hugged their box. “It’s hard for all the players to lose Nadal, but more for me because I’ve always said he’s my idol,” he said at the foot of the court at the end of the match.

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