He won 6-3 and 6-2 in a show of adequacy and won his first Cup in Spain at the age of 18. He saved two match points against De Mia in the semifinals this morning

Alcaraz celebrates a point against Carr
Alcaraz celebrated a point against Carrio.Alexander GarciaEFE

Rio, Miami, Barcelona … The Count of God was also captivated by Carlos Alcaraz’s fascination, irresistible on a memorable Sunday, where he performed a dual program, at the urging of a fighter ready for any fight, against Alex de Meer in the semifinals, and enough , A few hours later, to defeat Pablo Carrio in the final, whom he defeated 6-3, 6-2, in one hour and five minutes. There are already four titles for Murcian, also the winner of Umag last summer and the brand new Top ten Since he lost to Stefanos Sitsipas in the quarter-finals last Friday.

A year after falling in the first round against Frances Tiafo, Alcaraz consolidated his power on the circuit and took over from Rafael Nadal, who won his twelfth title at Real Club de Tennis Barcelona in 2021. With Majurkan missing this time around due to injury, the new champion responded with what was expected of him, his defeat against Sebastian Corda in his debut match in Monte Carlo and this God put an end to the doubtful start against the Korean Coon. Could wake up.

Cario started with a two-hour lead, as he needed just one hour and 39 minutes to get rid of Diego Schwartzman. As it turned out, it was much harder for Alcaraz to save two match points in his fierce clash with Alex de Meer. The Spaniard also soon had the experience to neutralize two deadly threats: he did it against second-seeded Caspar Rudd in the quarter-finals. Friday was a tiring day for him, where he spent about six hours on the pitch going through two rounds of the tournament.

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After four games in a row, without scoring against the rest, Alcarazi did so in the fifth match, until he opened the first gap on the scoreboard with him. Career needed ten games in this tournament to reach the final. The publisher has proof: Spaniard has done a great tournament, beating two surface experts, Rudd and Schwartzman, among others. The demands that Alcaraz has made at the moment are far greater. The initial weight gained by the most qualified tennis player of the moment.

Only six games have passed and Cario was already in the water up to his neck. He was bleeding from the backhand zone and had to flee from five balls that could leave the remaining 2-5. Mursian did not wait long to take the first set. He did it two games later, with a new one Break His sense of superiority was extraordinary. No one will say it came from the beating of De Meer. He handled the game with fresh, loose, very lively, great sophistication.

A few weeks ago, Alcaraz, who destroyed Roberto Batista in Indian Wells, made it clear that he did not mind confronting his compatriots. Even Nadal himself had a hard time losing to him in the Indian Wells semifinals in three sets. Cario tried to speed up his game, taking big risks, but he couldn’t find a way to stop him. Good at defending as well as attacking, Alcaraz, who trained alongside his opponent at the Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy and described his opponent as the big brother in the final, showed that he was not friendly on the court. The Break In the second partial sixth game it was the specific character. Immunity from fatigue, full of teenage energy, he gave the impression of a murderous rhythm and turned the finale into a catwalk where he showed how capable and capable he was.

“I knew I had to come out aggressively after the beating this morning, clear things up and try not to drag points too long. They taught me when I was younger that the finals weren’t played, they won.” “It was the best game of the tournament, without a doubt,” he added.

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