Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina. Photo: EFE

President of Argentina, Alberto FernandezThis Friday, May 20, he said he felt “a deep hatred.” Scandal From Violence From Gender Y. Sexual abuse That, according to him, they are no longer tolerated in the world, and in his country they are at the center of the controversy at Boca Juniors’ Colombian forward Sebastian Villa.

Although Boss From Condition He didn’t mention the stupid player, he celebrated that there is one Cultural change Refuse to submit to women.

“The world no longer tolerates this kind of thing. There is one Cultural change Thank God for what the world has given. It makes me hate, it makes me deeply annoyed. It shouldn’t be Subject From DebateWe have to agree that it shouldn’t exist, “he said Ruler In dialogue with Radio Con Voss.

“It simply came to our notice then. The victim. The Argentine society I couldn’t take it anymore NatureHe can’t stand them, he can’t take them anymore, “said Fernandez.

He added that his answer was “valid in all cases” and not just for Colombian football players.

Facing a complaint for the villa Sexual abuse This growing progress Court plansA scandal that even provoked a phonetic utterance Adriana BravoPresident Department From Inclusion And Equality From Foolish juniors And the third vice-president of the club.

He made the announcement on Friday Gynecologist That he used to check the woman Violation By the villa, but the doctor complained Problems From Health And his speech was adjourned.

The Vice President Third to Boca Juniors and in charge of the club’s inclusion and parity division Social media A statement by which is not copied, shared or published Foolish juniors.

The text confirms that “Club Atletico have Boca Juniors To supply Per Judgment All requested documentation.

“It simply came to our notice then Eliminate Is Behavior And we will adapt to that, “the statement said.

Completely removed

According to the plaintiff, the 26-year-old villager was reported on May 13 for an incident that occurred on June 26, 2021.

“He was totally Move, Stunned and could do nothing but give up and keep secret. Only now was he able to begin to say it Relatives Who holds him so that he is encouraged to urge Action. The evidence is irresistible, “said Roberto Castillo, the plaintiff’s lawyer.

The Colombian This too Investigation For “minor injuries and increased by bonds Violence From Gender In a real competition with coercive threats. ” It was His PartnerThe person who published the picture so that he can be seen visually Bloody Y. Beatings.

The villa was on the last day Publicly protected Boca Juniors vice-president Juan Roman Riquelme, who has assured that they only have a “word of thanks” to the player he considers a “great professional”.

“What happens next on the field is another matter,” said Boca Juniors, the biggest idol in history.
This Thursday, May 19, Villa, on his 26th birthday, greeted through the club Social mediaMost are causing discomfort FansWhat? Criticized The Publications.

The villa is a piece Basic Boca Juniors, was Title In Last match And it will be against the Tigers in the Copa de la Final this Sunday, May 22 Professional League From Soccer From Argentina.

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