An outdoor games fair for Children’s Day was held this Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at the EMDI School in Quito. Photo: Courtesy EMDI School.

Three months ago Children’s Day 2020, Covid19 Everything changes in Ecuador. In March of that year, educational institutions closed their doors Virtual method And thus prevent the spread of the virus. So, that and the following year (2021) there were no celebrations as usual on campus.

But this June 1, 2022, the celebration came alive again on campus, through reverence, play and fun for the little ones. Teachers, guardians and authorities They have created a way to make a special day for the kids In their educational institutions.

In LetortFor example, separated for two days Celebration. A celebration was held for preschool children on Tuesday, May 31, and this Wednesday, June 1, it was the turn of elementary school children, said Rector, Carolina Pinzon.

In the courtyard of the private campus Quito Inflatables are placed for children’s play. In addition, parents share food. They also cooperated Isaac Newton. There Central Committee Integrated with the organization Put the manakin in the patios.

Campus Vice-Chancellor. Mauricio MenezesOut, that they held magic and juggling events. The children also have lunch as part of the festival. On Tuesday, May 30, the campus Celebrations for teenagers.

Creative teacher

Teachers have used their creativity To celebrate the children EMDI School. He said the activities they prepared were segregated for different sections based on the age and interests of the children. Hugo InigeRector of a private educational institution.

Teachers dress up as children and characters Like The Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, among others. There was also an outdoor sports fair, a sports championship for the adults and a bouncy castle for the little ones, the rector explained.

At the beginning of the school in this institution Reflective activity on Children’s Day. For example, Íñiguez explains, they talk about the meaning of dates, where the celebrations come from, and the importance of children in society.

In SEK Los Valles, this Children’s Day was also celebrated as the birthday of all the students, the organization said. As a symbol of this celebration, each student was given a crown. In addition, it was used to strengthen its campaign Values ​​and healthy coexistence within the school. There were inflatables, a magic show and recreational activities prepared by the teachers.

Healthy food was part of the celebration

At SEK, everything was organized in such a way that the students of each group could eat something different but healthy. The same type of feeding was requested in EMDI. The children ate fruit and chocolate squares, cotton candy and sweets. At the end of the day, movies, including cannabis and tea for all grades, were projected on that campus.

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