The Ministry of Tourism is waiting for the reactivation of tourists after 18 days of mobilization. Photo courtesy

The Ministry Of Tourism Of Ecuador In a statement issued on the afternoon of this Thursday, June 30, 2022, he noted the benefits that the peace agreement brings to tourism. From the country

In the statement Ministry Of Tourism The “Ecuadorian government’s successful efforts to maintain the peace and tranquility of its citizens” emphasize the positive and direct impact on tourism activities.

At this time the ministry assured Work day Of Protest “Ecuador is open to tourism” guarantees Security Of Traveler. Also keep Open The Airport Y Travel services Chief Destination of the country.

In the peace treaty Government And Indigenous movementAccording to the statement, “Ecuador presents a message of confidence to all tourists for travel.”

To conclude, Ministry Of Tourism Extend an invitation Tourists Those who want to travel to Ecuador say that “between July and September, the four countries of the world will be the scene of interesting events” because of its climate and geographical location the country will have “the best conditions to experience the mountain seasons”, whales and holidays.

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