Adrian Gabarini, Argentine goalkeeper for the Quito League. Photo: File / EL Commerce

Liga de Quito goalkeeper Adrian Gabarini is injured again. The Argentine goalkeeper was recovering from the ligament.

Recent illness Gabbarini a meniscal tear. This same thing happened Knee Where he suffered a ligament damage last season.

The footballer passed away Management room In the first week of May. On Wednesday the 18th of that month, Dr. Sewing

John BaileyAlba mentioned a doctor at the institution Condition Soccer players in an interview with Radio Sports Area. The doctor said that Recovery time The goalkeeper, depending on the previous injury, Don’t spread.

The ‘Or‘Hope to get her items back in a month June. Besides, Stomach Mentioned that his hand had been lightened Rehabilitation charges.

The footballer has maintained even in the report Kevin MarketThose who were low, perform Training Normal with the team.

Broken joints.

Adrian Gabarini Was listed as Owner and captain From the square when he tore his cruciate ligament. The injury did not allow him to finish The second stage Of the championship.

A. fell victim to Argentina Arthroscopy And a span of s was assumedei eight months To get back on the pitch. The accident happened in practice when he made a bad move.

Two level archer

After losing his main goalkeeper, League Decided to strengthen the arch. He has been replaced by Uruguay Gonzalo Falcon and Brian Heras.

The Foreign reinforcement He defeated the former player Sports Quenca. The lineup for this has been modified Ligapro and the South American Cup.

At this time both the players joined Paul Marini He was in command of the Azusena team. With Gabbarini’s last return, Luis Jubeldia It will be up to you to decide who will be in the populated area.

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