The Ecuadorian House of Culture promotes a plan to promote the lesson, with more than 30 titles of children’s classics published. Photo: Courtesy CCE

More than 30 titles from Children’s classics Will be part of it Reading Promotion Plan. Promoted by the project House of Ecuadorian culture (CEC).

Printed work Distributed throughout Ecuador Through the provincial nucleus at an affordable price. The collection was officially inaugurated Pumamaki It will be Friday, June 3, 2022

‘Pinocchio’ at the top of the list

Its the first title Pumamaki Collection That will be circulated ‘Pinocchio’s Adventures’. The play is written by an Italian journalist and writer Carlo Collody And was published in 1882.

The story revolves around an old craftsman by name Gepetto. He made a wooden doll which he named Pinocchio, hoping it would turn into a real boy. The Blue Fairy Makes wishes come true and brings Pinocchio to life. However, he is holding on to his wooden body and will have to face several difficult and dangerous situations.

More translations of Pinocchio 250 languages And dialects. Her story has inspired dozens of adaptations Audio, theater, ballet, opera and film.

One of the most popular adaptations of the movie is the animated version produced by the studios. Walt Disney In 1940. A. ‘Remake’ The film, a combination of real actors and animations, will be released on the platform on September 8 Disney +.

Film version of the Italian director Matthew Garon Will appear on Wednesday, June 1 at 6:00 p.m. National Cinematic. Is carried within the structure of the function International Children’s Day And reading campaigns.

The book is as good as the movie

‘Gulliver’s Journey’ By Jonathan Swift, ‘Jungle Story’ By Horacio Quiroga ‘Little gold’ Of Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Some titles from Lewis Carroll that will be part of the Pumamaki collection.

These are universal stories that transcend time and boundaries. Thus they have become the root Popular culture Format that goes from paper to stage or screen.

“The book is as good as the movie because it has the potential Activate the imaginationTania Benitez, CCE’s director of public libraries, is convinced that these stories continue to travel the world.

Every adaptation, Benitez says, gives us a glimpse The main work And became an opportunity to rediscover history and reinterpret it in its light Current context.

Books for training readers

From Public Library And CCE’s Publications Department, responds to the need to collect PumaMaki Promote reading Benitez explains between children, youth and adults.

The books are Complete and illustrated version Universal children’s classic. Will be printed 500 copies For each title and will be published in the first stage One book per month By the end of the year.

Each copy will cost 2 And will be distributed throughout the country through it Provincial nucleus CCE’s. The goal is to reach out to the weaker sector with less access to reading resources.

“As long as the book is close to the people, we can continue to create readers,” said Benitez

Friday, June 3 at 10:30 in the morning Official launch Collection at the Nucleus Theater of the House of Culture in Imbabura.

After the opening ceremony Read mediation ‘Story to play, childhood celebration in lessons’.

The idea, he explains, is that the books that will be circulated encourage such activity Book Club Y. Mediation Where parents, teachers and librarians can participate by reading aloud.

For Benitez, reading not only activates the imagination and allows the world to understand from our fiction and fantasy, it is also its foundation. Train critical and creative readers.

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