The Office of the Controller examines compliance with the requirements for the appointment of an ombudsman in charge of Caesar Cোrdoba. Photo: Ombudsman Office Twitter.

Ombudsman in charge, Caesar CোrdobaWill not meet its needs Extensive human rights experience As required by location. This, according to an interim report Regulator Which examines position requirements and designation between August 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022 and which The universe Had access.

Cordova was hired by four on September 18, 2021 Consultant Those who formed the previous majority in the Cpccs were: Sophia Almeida, David Rosero, Juan Javier Davalos and Ibeth Estupinan. After its precise absence, they settled the appointment Freddie CarrionWho was dismissed by the National Assembly.

But Francisco Bravo refrained from making that decision. Hernan Uloa And Maria Fernanda Rivadeneira. At the time they had an argument Cোrdoba did not have extensive experience in human rights. They further added that they were not provided with information that would support their knowledge of the subject.

In this sense, proceed with the regulator Special tests. As part of the due process, the CGE audit team has been contacted Intermediate results On test-related servers. “These results do not constitute an official or specific announcement,” the organization explained.

He noted that the results were temporary communication documentation Saved And excluded from the promotion policy to protect the server’s right of honor.

Therefore, according to the Comptroller, the results cannot be published or disclosed until the general audit report has been approved. It will be published on the official website for civic knowledge.


The requirements for being the head of the ombudsman’s office are the same as being a judge of the National Court of Justice. This includes having exercise with requirements The infamous possibility Law or teaching profession, teaching law at the judiciary or university, for a minimum of 10 years.

C্ডrdoba saves an experience 27 years in counseling Legal defense of rights, litigation, public policy and project management according to their professional profile published by the ombudsman.

On the other hand, the competition for new owners is still waiting to be resolved Plenary of cpccs To start the process. These regulations and supervision are ready.

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